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the wrap-up and the clincher sentence

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Q: What does a paragraph contain?
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What does a concluding sentence contain?

It should contain the main idea of your essay/paragraph in short, it will be summary of the whole paragraph/paragraphs.

What does an introductory paragraph usually contain?

A thesis statement

How many lines dose a sonnet contain?

1st paragraph 8 lines & 2nd paragraph 6 lines totally 14 lines

A body paragraph should what?

contain eidence that backs up the topic sentence. APEXX

What is the structure of a paragraph?

A good paragraph structure must be contain the topic on which you are writing about, it should also be started by giving a paragraph which the first alphabet must begin with a capital letter

Which of the five paragraphs of an operation order or operation plan contain the commander's intent?

Execution Paragraph

How many sentencene are there in a paragraph?

A paragraph isn't ended by counting the sentences, its a change of thought, topic, direction, another person speaking, category. How many sentences doesn't define the size of a paragraph. They can contain 2 sentences to 25+

What begins a essay?

You start your essay by writing an introductory paragraph. The paragraph should contain a general overview of the essay topic and explain why the topic is important. It should also contain a well-developed thesis statement, which the writer will support in the essay body using relevant evidence and data.

How would you use the words body paragraph in a sentence?

The body paragraphs are located between the introductory and concluding paragraphs. The body paragraphs of your essay should support your thesis and give examples.

What is the purpose of subheadings?

They are used to explain what a particular paragraph is about to give you an idea about what the paragraph is about.

What is writing in paragraph form?

Paragraphs contain distinct portions of written or printed matter dealing with a particular idea.

How many sentences makes a 'paragraph'?

A paragraph may be one sentence or several, although most paragraphs average between 3 and 8 sentences. A paragraph consists of material related to a specific subtopic or concept within the written text. There is no standard size, just as there is no set number of words in a sentence.