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that depends on the size and location of the pool

another clear conceptz is how green the pool is? and how many hours of pool cleanning will it take?

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โˆ™ 2011-06-03 18:09:24
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Q: What does a pool cleaning contract cost?
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What is an example of a problem that can arise in a cost-plus contract?

A contractor may even try to double-count a cost item by including it as a direct cost of the contract and as a part of an indirect cost pool allocated to the contract.

How much does liability insurance cost for a pool cleaning business?

You will need to contact an agent(s) for a quote.

Does pool daddy offer weekly pool cleaning in Tempe?

Pool Daddy does offer weekly pool cleaning and pool maintenance in Tempe. Related links will show our Service Area page with map and our Tempe Pool Cleaning page.

How much do pool services usually cost to clean a pool at the beginning of the summer?

"Pool cleaning service vary greatly depending on what size pool you have, and where you live. Many charge around $200-$300 for the initial cleaning, but if you hire them to maintain your pool for an entire season there may be a reduced price on the inital begining of summer maintanence."

What companies are available for one to hire for pool tile cleaning?

There is definetley a lot of pool tile cleaning companies, you just need to do a search on Google for "pool tile cleaning near me" and there should be a lot that pop up. For example, we serve in Laguna niguel for pool tile cleaning services

What is a fair price for a pool cleaning service?

I guess it will depend on the size of the pool and the amount of cleaning to be done.

How much should a 25x45 inground pool W poured concrete two lights auto cover and a cleaning system that uses salt to purify the water cost?


Which companies offer a pool cleaning service?

I'm too lazy to clean my swimming pool. Where can I find a company that offers a pool cleaning service?

What are the disadvantages of owning a pool?

Cost of maintenance (chemicals, cleaning, repairs) Cost of operation (electricity for the pump) Safety Hazard (drowning) Reduction of property value.

Cost for cleaning?

Brighton, CO Cost for cleaning

Where can I find information online about pool cleaning?

The Pool Center has information available for pool cleaning, and how it should be done. To visit the Pool Center, follow this link

Who do you have to speak to for a floor cleaning contract?

Someone that requires their floor cleaning.

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