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What does a right hand closed in a fist with the index finger pointing up mean on a tombstone?

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There is one way, there is one God and Jesus is his son. The gesture was common in the 70's for the Christians often referred to as the "Jesus Freaks" akin to the hippies with a Christian bent.

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What do you call the width of the index finger?

There is no scientific name for the width of the index finger. The name index finger literally means pointing finger.

What is the name of your fingers?

our thumb, pointing finger, middle finger, index and pinkey {little finger}

What is the most widely used pointing device today?

Index finger???

What is the freemason handshake?

Handshake with thumb and index finger pointing down.

Pointing with your index finger at anyone in Malaysia is considered rude. What is a commonly used alternative way to point?

Using the knuckle of your index finger

What is the word TO in sign language?

You do this with your hands . . . .According to one online video, both hands are closed with the index fingers extended (pointing). Hold the left about chest height with the back of the hand outward and the index pointing up. With the right hand approximately under your chin and pointing forward, in a slight arc, bring the tip of the right index finger to the tip of the left index finger.A video is much simpler. Please see the links in the discussion area. Even the videos show slightly different variations.

How do you spell Kaitlynn in sign language?

It is very easy to finger spell Kaitlynn, or any name, in sign language. Names and such you need to finger spell each letter, there is no quick sign to say them: K - Tuck your thumb in between your index and middle finger, your middle and index will be pointing outwards, the index finger pointing up. A - Make a fist, palm out, knuckles facing up, with the thumb pointing upwards. I - Pinky finger up, all other fingers are closed, hand palm out. T - You will make a fist with your index finger overlapping your thumb. (like in the child's game of taking their nose) palm face out. L - Like as the band, Smash Mouth, says. You make the shape of an "L" with your index and thumb (this will be backwards to you, but will be proper to the reader). Y - Palm out with the pinky finger up, the thumb pointing away from the rest and the others in a fist-like position. N - Your index and middle finger will overlap the thumb. Your other fingers remain like in a fist position. N - Repeat the above*

What is the name of the five fingers in English?

1. Thumb; 2. Index finger or pointing finger; 3. Middle finger; 4. Ring finger; 5. Little finger or pinkie.

Why Pointing with index finger is rude?

In some cultures, pointing with the finger formerly indicated casting a curse. It's a custom. Quite often there are no logical reasons for customs, but to avoid offending people we follow them anyway.

How do you touch your girl breasts?

I grab them from under the boob with my index finger pointing out and my thumbs pointing towards the middle of the chest and squeeze together towards the nipple :)

How do you sign the wo?

If you mean who then to sign who is with your index finger pointing to your face but at the mouth area and with your index finger you move it in a circular motion clockwise as if you were making a circle around your mouth, chin, and jaw area and that would be who.

In the opening scene of The Pianist film directed by Polanski what is the name of the statue of the figure pointing his index finger?


What is the finger next to your thumb called?

We call that the Index finger. Most likely it was given this title due to the fact that we utilize it for pointing and it is most dominate finger utilized when searching documents, lists, information and indexes. It is also the first finger we use when searching through files. Thus, the "index" finger.

Which finger is the index finger?

The index finger is between your thumb and middle finger.

How do you do N to S in sign language?

N - Your index and middle finger will overlap the thumb. Your other fingers remain like in a fist position. O - You make a "ring" or an "O" with all your fingers, the index and middle fingers touching the thumb. P - Tuck your thumb in between your index and middle finger, your middle and index will be pointing outwards and down. Q - Your index and thumb are paralell and pointing down while the other fingers are in a fist position. R - Cross your middle finger over your index finger and point up. S - Make a fist, palm out, knuckles facing up, with the thumb over the index and middle fingers.

Why the wedding ring goes on index finger?

It goes on the index finger because the index finger is the only finger that has a tendon connected to the heart

Why is the index finger called an index finger?

'To index' is to point out or to show something, so the finger with which you point out or showsomething is called the index finger, or just another way of calling it is the pointer finger.

What is alone in sign language?

with right hand index finger pointing up and slightly outward make a wide circular motion.

Steps to say no in sign language?

take your middle finger and index finger and put them straight with all your other fingers tucked in. Then, put your thumb below it. (make it pointing down) Then move the middle and index finger together toward your thumb. (Move your thumb at the same time)

A chord with three notes?

G chord. Put your middle finger on the 6th string 3rd fret, pointing finger 5th string 2nd fret and index finger 1st string 3rd fret.

Is the ring finger lateral to the index finger?

is the index finger lateral to the ring fingers

Why must you shoot with the index finger?

you dont shoot with your index finger

Does the index finger have a pulse?

No.. the index finger does not have a pulse... for this reason, when feeling for a person's pulse, you use your middle finger and your index finger (you never use your thumb as it has a pulse)

Why does a woman where a ring on their right index finger?

Because she doesn't know ware else to where her wears. Traditionally, It's actually 3d finger left-hand for most English-speaking countries because in ancient times it was believed a vein ran through there straight to the heart. Index is first (or pointing) finger

How do you play an b flat scale?

Index finger on Bb, thumb on C, index finger on D, middle finger on Eb, thumb on F, index finger on G, middle finger on A and ring finger on Bb.