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What does a sea otter look like?


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July 08, 2015 9:42PM

Sea otters are bristly, like when you get hairy legs and you shave them and the hair starts to grow they are bristly, but a bit more and they look fuzzy and they live in the sea or in types of pools in water parks and stuff. They are very cute you can go on YouTube to see what they kinda look like. It is very hard to describe them.

Answer: Sea otters have very dense fur. It is sometimes 1 million hairs per square inch. They are usually some shade of brown. An otter has a a long cylindrical body four legs and a long flatish shaped tail. They are usually about four feet long, including their tail. A female may weigh about 45 pounds and a male weighs about 65 pounds. Northern sea otters are slightly larger. A sea otter's face resembles a small dog with a short nose.