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Q: What does a sea turtle look like?
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How does Thomson sea turtle look like?

There is no creature named Thomson sea turtle.

What do green sea turtles appear to look like?

Green sea turtles appear to look like a land turtle. They can camoflage into their environment too.

What is the shape of a sea turtle?

the an shape of a sea turtle is like a oval

What type of state is a sea turtle?

sea turtle like in water

Is a sea turtle a carnivore?

achully a sea turtle is a omnivor. they eat things like jellyfish ,turtle grass,shrimp. and things like that.

What do Leatherback Sea Turtles look like?

See link below for photo of a Leatherback sea turtle They are dark green.

How does a loggerhead sea turtle look?


What does a turtle egg look like?

its obvious that turtle eggs look like turtle eggs. They are little balls.

What does turtle cake look like?

a turtle

How many species of sea turtle are there?

There are 6 species of sea sea turtlehawksbill sea turtleflatback sea turtleloggerhead sea turtleKemp's ridley sea turtleolive ridley sea turtle

How do you know when a turtle is a land turtle?

A land turtle is a tortoise. A turtle is a sea turtle. A fresh water turtle is a terrapin. Tortoises, unlike turtles and terrapins, have flat feet that barely look like individual feet, but instead look more like they are fully part of the leg, much like an elephant's. Tortoises have a very sloped shell, where as the other turtles have much more flattened shells.

Is a sea turtle a fish or a sea mammal?

A sea turtle is neither. It is a reptile, just like the snakes and lizards on land are reptiles.

What makes sea turtle?

A Sea Turtle on a Sea turtle doing it

What is the largest sea turtle?

The largest sea turtle is the Leatherback Sea Turtle

What do sea turtle like to eat?

they like to eat sea kelp and sertin other sea kelp.

What are all of the different sea turtles?

green sea turtles , leatherback sea turtle ,loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle , kemps ridly sea turtle , and the olive ridly sea turtle

What does the moshling what looks like a turtle look like?

a turtle called shelby

What differences would you expect to see between the bodies of a sea turtle and a land turtle?

Well,that is easy the body of a sea turtle has flipper like feet with long sharp nails I would know because I have one.The body of a land turtle has feet like sea turtles but not flipper like.

What does a mother turtle look like?

She looks like her mother told her to. No, seriously. . . |like a turtle|

What do turtle doves look like?

like this

What is the leatherback sea turtle related to?

The leatherback sea turtle is related to the loggerhead sea turtle

How many legs does a sea turtle have?

a sea turtle has four legs but shaped like flippers which helps them to speed through the ocean

How do marine turtles look like?

they look like a turtle but blue

What is a kemps ridley sea turtle?

A Kemp's Ridley sea turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle.

What type of animal is a leatherback sea turtle?

The leatherback sea turtle is a sea turtle, which is classified as a reptile.