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What does a squid look like?

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See related link.

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What does the vampire squid look like?

A vampire squid look like a regular squid but it is black with a mouth that is flurry it opens wide.

How has squid technology changed over time?

by how they look like

What does a squid quill look like?

see through and long

What does the kraken look like?

Supposedly, the kraken looks like a very giant squid.

Is an squid a mammal?

No it's a mollusc why? doesn't it look like one?

What does Squidward look like?

Squidward doesn't have hair silly, he's a squid! XD

Plural of squids?

Its just squid. For example, "Look all of the squid."

What does i can not eat the squid?

It not eat is like a squid

What does the kidney do in the squid?

The kidneys of a squid removes waste from the squid. It is like a filter.

What does a octopus look like?

Its a giant squid with 8 tentacles and can be big and small can be any colour

What does squidward hair look like?

Squidward doesn't have hair silly, he's a squid! XD

Are squid rare?

Most are fairly common like the Common squid, but the giant squid and the colossal squid are rare.

How many tentacles does the colossal squid have?

the colossal squid only has 2 tentacles. it may not look like it, but the 2 long ones are tentacles and the smaller ones are its arms.

How do you look after a pet squid?

The same as you did before you had the pet squid, only a little older.

What does an eye of a squid look like?

They look like big eyes that are the size of footballs. The puples and color on some squids are black. But all squids have whites. -- If it is a Giant Squid, they eyes can be the size of basketballs, but squid in general are small. Their eyes are generally large compared to body size and are round. They have a single black dot in the middle, like the human pupil, which is surrounded by chromatophores which can change colour like the squid's skin, not whites. --

What is the other thing that's like a squid but not a squid?


How does a squid look?

Squid's look out of their eyes if that's what you mean =]

How are squid mouths and beaks like your jaw and teeth?

they are nothing alike a squid is a squid and a human is a human

What does a squid looks like?

a squid has eight legs and they vary in size

Is octopus or squid better to eat?

a squid if u like ink

What does the inside of a squid look llike?

i think i dont know i know yes something like the right answer the end

What is the sea creature look like a big squid?

A mythical creature you may be thinking of would probably be the Kraken.

What does squid taste like?

Squids cannot be eaten. If they are you will be pwned by Squid Norris.

Does a squid have symmetry?

Like most animals, squid have bilateral symmetry.bilateral

Why is Squid's name Squid in the book Holes?

He smells like rotten Squid