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Q: What does a steller student mean?
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What does steller mean?

Steller's Sea Cow gets its name from Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746) who was a German naturalist. The surname Steller is from a German nickname for a calm individual, a variant of Still.

When was Steller's Eider created?

Steller's Eider was created in 1769.

What is Georg Steller's birthday?

Georg Steller was born on March 10, 1709.

When was Georg Steller born?

Georg Steller was born on March 10, 1709.

When was Steller Secondary School created?

Steller Secondary School was created in 1974.

When was Warren Steller born?

Warren Steller was born on 1897-10-08.

When was Georg Wilhelm Steller born?

Georg Wilhelm Steller was born in 1709.

When did Georg Wilhelm Steller die?

Georg Wilhelm Steller died in 1746.

When was Steller's Sea Eagle created?

Steller's Sea Eagle was created in 1811.

When did Warren Steller die?

Warren Steller died on 1974-08-06.

What is a Steller Jay?

A Steller's Jay is a bird that has blue and black feathers. It has pointed feathers on its head.

What has the author Georg Wilhelm Steller written?

Georg Wilhelm Steller has written: 'Georg Wilhelm Steller' 'Steller's history of Kamchatka' -- subject(s): Kamchadals, Natural history, Social life and customs 'G.W. Steller's ... Reise von Kamtschatka nach Amerika mit dem Commandeur-capitan Bering' 'Georg Wilhelm Stellers ... Beschreibung von dem Lande Kamtschatka' -- subject(s): Description and travel 'Steller's journal'