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Q: What does a substance mean in sientific terms?
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What does phase mean in science terms?

Phase in science terms mean a "phase change," which occurs when a substance changes form.

What does mass mean in science terms?

mass: the amount of matter in a substance (your welcome)

What does mP mean in science terms?

NOT SURE, but it suggests to the melting point of a substance

What is the sientific name of the heavens?

The "sientific" name for the heavens would be... that there is no heavens.

What does solvant mean in chemical terms?

solvent is a substance that has the ability to dissolve other substances

What is concentrated mean in science terms?

the amount of a substance, too much or too low

Is there a sientific explanation for everything?

if you were a sientist you could make a sientific explination for everything

What does the word pure mean in science terms?

Pure implies that a substance is without any impurities.

How does dehydration affect your bodies?

your body shrivels up like a prun or in sientific terms a raisin so drink lots of fluids or your gonna look like a granny

What is a substance in scientific terms?

A substance is a scientific term that is used in chemistry.

What is a sientific hypothesis?

A "good" guess

What is a sientific name for LEMURS?