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What does a successful relationship consist of?


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the main root of a relationship is trust in order for the relationship to be successful you must build trust

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a successful relationship is just being happy with who your with and what you have together... :D


A anniversary celebrating that you have had a successful relationship for a long period of time.

Dancers follow the winds air movements to be successful.

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In a successful relationship, kissing is a good thing. Enjoy.

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A successful relationship is not defined by age, as long as it is not breaking the law and as long as each partner is committed then there is no reason for it not to work.

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Yes, an Autistic person can have a successful relationship. Sometimes it is harder for Autistic people to find a healthy relationship, and for them to maintain a normal relationship, especially when they are attempting a relationship with a Neurotypical person rather than another Autistic person. Like with anyone else, relationships take effort.

all the time. communication in a must in order to have a successful relationship

The secret to a successful long distance relationship is communication and honesty. You should talk to each other often. You can also use webcams to Skype as well.

Communication is an integral part of a successful relationship.

He had a good relationship with the Indians

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if you are not in love with that person then there will be no hapiness

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Ask. The key to a successful relationship is communication.

By being happy, successful and forgiving... Something that a Nacissist will never be or do.

I would say respect, trust, friendship, and communication. :)

This diet is to help you prepare for how you will be eating after the surgery. It is help with reducing the liver and your body fat. Also to help you be successful.

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