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What does a timing change consist of?


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2005-07-14 21:22:56
2005-07-14 21:22:56

Hate to answer a Q with a Q but WHOSE timing? Valve, cam, ignition? Need to be more specific. If I ASSUME ignition timing then it still requires more info as the type e.g. breaker points or electronic? Clarify the Q and answers can be rendered.


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how do i change my timing belt on my honda?

there is no timing belt it has a timing chain

How to change a timing belt on a citroen c2 vts

how do you change a timing belt to a 1996 misubishi eclipse

it has a timing chain no need to change it

When do you need to change a timing chain on a z4 2.2

Generally you need to change timing belt around 60-70K miles. Timing belt change cost around $400-450.

how do u change the timing chain on a Yamaha timberwolf

There is no belt to change; it uses an internal timing chain.

You do not have to change the timing chain. It is designed to last the life of the engine.

I know of no vehicle where the engine has to be removed to change a timing belt.

Change the timing belt every 100,000 miles.

how do you change the timing belt in a 2009 fordranger

It is not necessary to change timing gears when changing a timing chain unless they have become worn. You won't know if this is the case until you get the cover off and inspect them. It is necessary to change any chain tensioners when you change your timing chain.

Mustang's have timing chains not belts and do not have interference engines. Change the timing chain when it brakes or stretches to the point it throws off your valve timing.

does a 1997 1.5l maxda protege have a timing belt or timing chain. When should i change it.

there is no timing when you change the spark plugs the car adjusts itself

it has a timing chain, not a rubber belt. no need to change unless necessary

no you do not have to change the timing chain when changing the water pump.

Usually people change the timing chain after 200K mikes.

when should i change the timing belt on a mercury villager

it is a timing change, no need to replace

When you change the timing belt inspect the tenstioner. If it is not in perfect condition replace it.

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