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What does a weather vane do?

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The weather vane, also known as the wind vane, tells you which direction the wind is blowing.

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What is the function of a weather vane?

its weather the vane

What is another name for a weather vane?

A weather vane is also known as a wind vane. It has also been referred to as a weather clock.

What is the purpouse of a weather-vane?

A weather vane is a device which allows you to see from which direction the wind blows.

What is weather vane?

A weather vane is an instrument for measuring wind direction

What is the root word of weather vane?


Is a wind vane the same as a weather vane?


What is a homophone of vain?

Vane, as in a weather vane

Homonyms for vein?

vane as in a weather vane

What is a sentence for weather vane?

The weather vane indicated the direction of the wind was from the North.

What does a weather vane show you?

A weather vane shows the direction the wind is blowing from.

What is the sentence for weather vane?

Your weather vane came through our window during last night's storm.

Can a weather vane read wind speed?

No, a weather vane shows wind direction.

Wind speed is measured with a weather vane.?

No. A weather vane only shows the wind direction.

What is antonym for weather-vane?

I don't believe one exists. Weather-vane is a noun and very few nouns have antonyms.Remember that an antonym is an opposite. For example, jackhammer is a noun and jackhammer has no antonym. Perhaps you want a synonym for weather-vane?

What type of information is there on a weather vane?

The weather vane originated in Athens, Greece, as a symbol of Christianity on the rooftops of churches. The original weather vane was always in the shape of a rooster but now there are many varieties.

How do you say weather vane in Irish?

It would be coileach gaoithe (weather cock) or madra feothain (dog vane).

Where can I buy a weather vane?

The Weather Vane Factory seems to be a good place to check. they have weather vanes of all types and materials. I hope this is what you are looking for.

How does a wind vane help forecast the weather?

A wind vane or weather vane tells a meteorologist the direction form which the wind is blowing and this will provide information that, along with other meteorological data will enable the meteorologist to forecast the weather.

What is a synonym for weathercock?

weather vane

How does the weather vane work?


What is a weather vane?

A weather vane is a flat piece of metal, wood, etc. that can rotate in the wind to show from which way the wind blows.

What exactly is a weather vane?

A weather vane is an instrument used to detect the direction of the wind. Weather vanes are normally mounted on a roof peak and often are very ornamental.

How do you make a weather vane?

Search yahoolagins and click the first one and search weather vane and click on the first one on the second part.

What does a weather vane do and how does it work?

a weather vane tells us the direction of the wind... Actually the weathervane arrow points to the direction from which the wind is coming.

How is weather information collected?

From data sent by satelite or weather vane