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A white elephant is a valuable possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) exceeds its usefulness. In some Eastern countries elephants born white were considered sacred and had to be well looked after and not allowed to work. A lot of expense for no benefit. In modern terms a white elephant could be Dad's vintage car, or the countries overseas protectorates, or the family villa in far off Lalaland.

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Q: What does a white elephant mean?
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One sentence that uses the words a white elephant is "White elephants are sacred to people in Asia". Another sentence is " A white elephant is an albino elephant".

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Becuase it is full of White Elephants!!:)

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A white elephant is a albino elephant, so instead of grey, they are white in color.A white elephant is a description given to something that is big, probably very expensive, and of no use to anybody.

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he tried to throw you a white elephant but he had a heart attack when he forgot the present

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A white elephant, also called an albino elephant, is a rare kind of elephant. They live mainly in Thailand, Burma and the vast regions of Africa.

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The elephant brings to mind qualities of strength, perseverance and a good memory. A white elephant could mean you have landed yourself with something that is expensive to maintain but of little value.

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the pink elephant, orange elephant and the silver elephant

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Thailand is known as the land of white elephant. It is because of their abundance there.

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Someone who buys a white elephant has bought a possession that is useless or troublesome. For instance, after buying the property, the new owner discovered he had bought a white elephant. The renovation alone would cost almost the original house price, with the probability of further costs in the future.

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a White elephant is an unwanted or financially burdensome possession

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It's an impressive exhibition hall but rarely attracts a crowd; it's a real white elephant!

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