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The use of the owl in Egyptian hieroglyphs was very simple: it was used to write the consonant 'm'.

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Q: What does a white owl signify in ancient hieroglyphics?
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What does an owl signify?

An owl signifies the letter m.

How do you write Molly in Hieroglyphics?

owl a swirl 2 lions and 2lines

How can you say my name in Egypt?

To say my name in Hieroglyphics it would look like this:(Owl) (Double Reed Leaf) (Water) (Arm) (Owl) (Vulture)

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What bird is seen in hieroglyphics?

There are many different birds used in hieroglyphics.One is the Ibis, a storklike wading birds (family Threskiornithidae ) often found in hieroglyphics."Ahura Mazda" which I'm probably spelling wrong is an owl in Persian hieroglyphics.

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What did the owl represent in ancient Egypt?

As a hieroglyph, the owl represented the letter M.

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