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It stands for nothing. Golf tees come in a wide variety of colours.

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What does the ball stand on in golf?

A tee.

What is the white plastic stand you put the golf ball on in golf?


What is a golf peg?

A golf peg is another term for a tee (the small wooden or plastic stand that the golf ball rests on)

Who was Tee Tee related to on The Game?

TEE is related to golf game.

Who invented the golf tee?

dr.georg grant was one of the first inventor of the golf tee in 1899.

Can the tee only be used on a golf tee?


Golfers put a golf ball on this?


Who invented the golf tee in 1899?

George Franklin Grant was the first person to invent the golf tee.

When was the first golf tee invented?

The first golf tee was invented in 1899 by George Franklin Grant.

What is the peg for a golf ball called?

a golf tee

When a golfer gets to a new hole where does he or she stand to drive the ball?

They hit their first shot on a new hole from the tee box, in between the tee markers as per the rules of golf.

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

What does a golf ball sit on?

A golf ball sits on a tee.

What is the Mickeys beer riddle golf ball on a tee ace of spades golf ball on a tee cake?

Tasty cake

What is the meaning of the expression tee off?

The little holder for a golf ball is called a tee - when you tee off, you start a golf game by hitting the ball off of the holder.

Where do you tee off from while playing golf?

It is called the tee box. The ladies tee off from a line somewhere forward of the men's line. You are allowed to go two club lengths back from a line drawn from one marker to the other inside of the tee box. There are normally four different tee boxes in golf, White and Blue usually being Mens tees, and Red and Yellow normally ladies or seniors tees.

What color is the ladies tee in golf?

Red. Juniors Blue. Men's tee of the day Yellow. Men's Medal tee White, commonly known as the Tiger Tee.Answer by FutureLPGAgolferThe ORIGINAL color for ladies is red, but on my two home courses, on one course it is green and on the other it is red?

Name of golf peg?

A tee.

What is a golf peg called?


Golf ball be place on a?


What is the thickness of a golf tee?


What sport is a tee involved with?


What is the length of a golf tee?


Where golf ball is placed?

its a tee

What is the plural of tee in golf?


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