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Q: What does absorb mean in terms of light?
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To reflect mean to absorb light waves?

when light bounces off of a bumpy surface, will you see the object the light is striking

How does light absorb things?

Light does not absorb things. Light can be absorbed by things.

What do halobaterim feed on?

You mean Halobacterium. In short, they absorb light which provides energy

In science light what does the word absorb light mean?

In science the word 'absorb' means collect. I know this since my fourth grade teacher asked 'my smart self' into the science fair...

Is there a chemical that can absorb light and then in the absence of light discharge that light?

There is no chemical that will absorb light and ONLY discharge it in the absense of light, however there are chemicals that will absorb light, store it as heat, and discharge it as light slowly, so that if light is removed it will continue to glow.

Why does grass look green to us Use terms reflect and absorb in this answer?

because it reflects green light and absorbs the other visible wavelengths

What is refraction mean in the terms of rainbows?

It means the bending of light.

What does cvl mean in naval terms?

Aircraft Carrier, Light

How does a plant absorb light and water?

Plant absorb light by using it leaf and absorb water by using it roots. I hope you can accept this answer

Do trees absorb light?

Yes, they do absorb light. They transfer the light-energy to chemical energy by a proces called fotosynthesis.

What does absorb spectrum absorb light for?

it means holds most

What chlorophyll a and b absorb?

Chlorophyll a and b absorb BLUE-VIOLET and RED wavelengths of light best.