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Q: What does acknowledgement of additional tangible evidence mean?
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What does the lack of tangible evidence mean in a murder case?

Tangible evidence means any evidence that can be touched: the murder weapon, bloody clothing, etc.

Does tangible mean understandable?

Tangible means something you can touch. Something that has substance. Like a dog is tangible. An idea is not.

What does the word acknowledgement mean?

Being noticed.

What does it mean to corroborate a testimony?

Corroboration consists of either other evidence OR another witness's testimony backing up and substantiating whatever evidence or testimony that precedeeded it.

What do you mean by acknowledgement?

The act of recognising, appreciating or validating something.

What does the medical abbreviation TO mean?

Tangible Object

What does tangible and intangible mean?

Intangible means something you can't touch, and Tangible means something you can touch.

What is tangible and intangible components of differentiation?

Tangible mean that which are Fixed or will not Change in Future. Tangible are that which are permanent in Nature, Like Land Size etc. Intangible mean will change in certain time, which is not fixed by nature. or not made by GOD.

How are the tangible parts of the computers?

'Tangible' and 'Touchable' mean the same thing, so figure out what parts of computers you can touch.

What does the word propped mean?

Props means proper respect or acknowledgement.

The tangible parts of the computer?

Anything you can touch, hold or pick up is tangible. The hardware is therefore the tangible part of a computer. Software is intangible. The discs or media that store the software are tangible of course, but the contents are not.Do you mean tangible? The hardware is the tangible part. Anything you can touch is tangible. Everything else is software.

What do you mean by tangible product?

No object can penetrate its inside