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It means that the buttstock of a long gun can be adjusted to fit different shooters.

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Q: What does adjustable stock mean in airsoft?
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Can you put a folding stock on a mp5k airsoft gun?

You can put a folding stock on all airsoft guns.

Why are the airsoft guns on amazon always out of stock?

I have never seen a out of stock airsoft gun on amazon,but I would suspect it is because they are not a airsoft dealer,so they do not get large quanitys of them in

What are the sizes of airsoft vests?

there isn't sizes there all one size just adjustable

What ammo does the de m83 adjustable stock m4 2 tone airsoft bb gun use?

I use .20g blaster bb's. They are quite expensive, but if you use low quality ammo it will wreck the gun.

Where is the battery for the airsoft mp5a2?

Probably in the stock.

Were can I get a stock for the TF11 airsoft gun?

the tf11 only comes with a stock or it doesnt. you can not buy an extra stock for the gun.

What does MSG mean in airsoft?

MSG has not significance in airsoft.

Where can you get a Double Eagle M81 Airsoft Pistol that is In-Stock?

Go to

On the m83a2 airsoft does the chariging handle work?

If it functions like a typical m4 style airsoft gun with an adjustable hop up, then the charging handle opens the dust cover to reveal the hop up.

What is the difference between dodge stock torsion keys and adjustable lift keys?

stock torsions are non adjustable, the adjustable ones you can adjust to your ride hight ....which lifts the front end for bigger tires..back always has that for bigger tires ..front doesnt..

How do you fold your airsoft M4A1?

The stocks generally found on m4 type airsoft guns have a level on the bottom, that when compressed, allows the stock to move.

How do you change your fixed stock to a retractable stock with an mp5 airsoft gun and move the battery to the front?

u dont lol