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It means that you look up to the person and think they are a great person. Possibly someone they would love to be like someday. Or compliment

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Q: What does admiring a person mean?
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What the does complimentary mean?

flattering, praising, admiring

What does it mean if a guy looks at you from a distance?

He's admiring from afar...

What does it mean if someone is looking at your mouth while you are talking?

Either you have something stuck in your teeth or the person is admiring your teeth or full lips. Every person has a preference to facial features such as the eyes mainly; nose or mouth.

How would you please use admiring in simple sentence?

Here are three sentences using the word 'admiring: "Sara spends a lot of time admiring herself in the mirror." "Luke has many admiring fans." "The tourists were admiring the statue."

Should people admire John Hancock?

Depends on the person. Admiring John Hancock is your opinion.

Why do you grow a fondness for people when they stare at you?

This is because the person staring is either admiring or is disgusted. If they were admiring, a person tends to feel better about themselves and will be around those who are kind and willing to say you are a very nice, pretty, or smart person. I wouldn't know why someone who was disgusted would grow on you, though.

What is a crush's name?

A crush's name is the name of a person you have been secretly admiring or been in love with for a long time.

Is the Yangtse River polluted?

Yes the Yangtse river is polluted, but it doesnt mean you should stop admiring it.

What does have you been to the boot barn mean at the end of an interview?

The Boot Barn is a store. Perhaps they were admiring your shoes...

Can you use admiring in a sentence?

She looked at her favorite singer throughout the concert in the most admiring way.

What does the word 'August' mean in the sentence 'When I'm with you I'm in August company'?

August means inspiring or admiring in this sentence.

What does it mean when you call someone sugar britches?

In Britain I just discovered it is a slang term for admiring a wife or mistress.