What does air taste like?

Updated: 10/6/2023
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Take a deep breath through your mouth. Well, whats it taste like?

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Q: What does air taste like?
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What does your air taste like?

like the insides of my lover

Does apple taste like air?

No, it tastes like apple juice

Does air have taste?

no it does not have taste

Why does mucus taste so good?

it taste so good because it has some salt pepper and a pinch of shock a bra

How does toothpaste taste like?

Spit in the air and catch it in your mouth!

Do brains taste like chicken?

No, they do not taste like chicken. They most likey taste like blood vessels.

What doas 'having no flavor' mean?

it means that it food/drink has no taste, so it tastes like you have bitten/drunk solid/liquid air. apparently, water 'has no taste'... amybe that's why I dont like it lol:D

What do yams taste like?

Yams taste like whatever your taste buds say it tastes like.

What does nitrogen taste of?

The air around you.

What does millet taste like?

taste like beef

What do necklaces taste like?

it taste like metal

What does a fetus taste like?

Taste like Stars!