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go to the (black)board

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Q: What does allez au tableau mean in French?
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What is 'Allez au tableau' when translated from French to English?

"Go to the board!" and "Go to the table!" are two English equivalents of the French present imperative phrase Allez au tableau! The pronunciation will be "a-ley o ta-blo" in French.

What does va au tableau mean in French?

Va au tableau means 'go to the (black)board'.

What is 'Allez au diable' when translated from French to English?

Allez au diable! in French means "Go to the devil!" in English.

Say go north in french?

Allez au nord

How to write come to the board in french?

venir (infinitive) au tableau

How do you say go to bad in french?

Go to bed - allez au lit

What does vous allez au parc mean?

You go to the park.

What is the translation of vous allez au in English?

Vous allez au means 'you are going to the '.

How do you say go to bed or else in french?

Like this Vous allez au lit, ou bien There!

How do you translate from french to English the following sentence apres vous allez prendre le metro et aller au 19 rue parmentier?

"après vous allez prendre le métro et allez au 19 rue Parmentier" = afterwards you're going by the underground and go to the 19 Parmentier street.

How do you ask someone to go to the movies with you in french?

If you know them: Vas-tu au cinema avec moi? If you don't, or you don't know them well: Allez-vous au cinema avec moi?

How do you say do you want to go to the movies in french?

est ce que vous vous allez au cinima avec moi (pronouce how it is spelt)