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Anything below a 5 is considered not pregnant

You're pregnant, if your referring to the pregnancy test.

I've heard that anything 5 and below is negative. You may want to ask your doctor

your pregnant

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Q: What does an HCG test that reads 2 mean?
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What does hcg level 1500 mean?

HCG goes up by 500 every week that you are pregnant (or at least this is what a nurse told me) so if your HCG level reads "1000" it means that you are approximatley 2 weeks pregnant.. Meaning if your HCG level reads 1500, you are 3 weeks along.

You went for Beta HCG test and it read less than 2 what does it mean?

You are not pregnant

You had hcg levels test done and the results were 2 what does that mean?

anything less than 5 is a negative pregnancy test. sorry

You had hcg blood test done and its results showed a normal pregnancy and then you bleed for 2 days does this mean you miscarried?

no it does not

What does it mean if your last menstrual period was over a month ago and an HCG test was 130 and another HCG test 2 days later was 150 and you haven't had any cramping or bleeding?

the numbers are supposed to double every 48-72 hours. Sounds like you either have HCG in your system from the HCG shot, or from a chemical pregnancy. Your numbers are not doubling like they should be, sorry. If your hcg levels increase it simply means that you are pregnant.

How long does it take to get the results of a quantitative Hcg test?

Depending on where you had the test done, the results can be availiable between 2-48 hours.

If hcg levels drop by half in 1 day does this mean miscarriage?

HCG levels should double every 2-3 days, i think if HCG levels start dopping this can mean a possible miscarriage.

Is HCG pregnancy test a reliable pregnancy test for a 15-day delayed period?

If your period is more than 2 weeks late, yes an HCG blood test will certainly be able to detect the pregnancy hormone. Home pregnancy tests will work as well.

Are you pregnant with an hcg of less than 2?

No.. in order to even get a positive on a pee test you have to be 25 m/l

Can you do pregnancy test after insemination was done 2 days ago?

No, it takes on average 2 weeks for hcg to be strong enough to show on a hpt,

How long after fertilization before the hormone HCG will be detectable by a home pregnancy test?

It depends on the test but most will read accurately around 2 weeks after implantation.

How long after conception will a pregnancy test be accurate?

About 2 weeks after conception a pregnancy test will be accurate. You should ensure to take the test in the morning when the level of the pregnancy hormone, hCG will be at its highest.

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