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According to the psychological tests and measures standards as described in psych classes: Q - What do IQ tests measure? A - IQ Q - What is IQ? A - What IQ measures The significance of an IQ test is that you have demonstrated the ability to get a good score on an IQ test. The assumption is that a high score on an IQ test indicates an intelligence level. A score of 135 indicates that out of a random group of 100 people, only about 5 would be able to get as good or better score.
Answer You asked what such a score means, and I think we can do a better job answering your question with easily verifiable information. Assuming that the score was achieved on a well-regarded, rigorous test such as the Wechsler (WAIS-III or IV), an IQ of 126 suggests a superior intellectual talent shared by only about 1 in every 20-30 people. Such a person would usually be one of the smartest people in a typical grade or middle school classroom. She would often have begun to read earlier than most, and at any stage of childhood, would seem to have a larger vocabulary, more general knowledge and common sense, and greater moral sensitivity, than most children of the same age. She would appear to learn more quickly, but more importantly, would be able to grasp concepts that many same-age persons were not able to, even if given virtually unlimited time.
Later in life, it would not be surprising to see that a person, with the level of talent suggested by an IQ of 126, had graduated college or had even become a physician, lawyer, engineer, scientist, or executive. The typical professional in any of those fields will have an IQ of 120 or more; college graduates typically have IQs of 115 or more. If I were a teacher, parent, or counselor of a child with such intellectual talent (when verified through means other than just the IQ test, such as early development, school grades, etc.), I would certainly encourage the child to tackle greater challenges than are usually offered in the classroom at school, whether via accellerated programs, music lessons, home schooling, or grade skipping.
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Is a 126 IQ average for a 19-year-old male?

Yes. Ranges middle - slightly above average.. IQ is really about ability to see patterns and problem solve, not really knowledge, so even though there was a kid who was like 4 who had an IQ of about 200, and mine falls around 135-145, I still knew quite a bit more, about mathematics, science, etc. ( Full Answer )

What does an IQ of 122 really mean?

You have an upper-average intellect and are capable of higherlearning, such as going to college and taking college levelcourses. But then you can do that with an IQ of 100 or so as well.IQ's are overrated (just my opinion) But if you ask someone whodoes IQ testing for a living they will tell you tha ( Full Answer )

Is a 126 IQ average for a 14 year old female?

Answer . No, it is above average. IQ is always normed based on age with 100 always being average. The standard deviation of IQ scores is 15, so 125 is something like 90th percentile (plus or minus a few). It is always associated with a margin of error, too, so it is usually something like 126 +/- ( Full Answer )

Your IQ is 126 and you are thirteen is that good?

well considering i have done alot of drugs since 6th grade and im 20 and i just took an IQ test drunk at 2 in the morning and got the same IQ. i guess for 13 that is good but, it just means your smart enough to do your own research. The max is 200 i think so... your not the smartest but you are abov ( Full Answer )

Is an IQ of 126 good for an 18-year-old male?

Average is 100 so anything over that is good. It isn't genius level, but it is above average.. Having an IQ over 120 at any age is good.. Yes, its very good!. Actually IQ has nothing to do with age. Your IQ score would be the same no matter what age you were. And yes, 126 is good.

What does an above average IQ mean?

It means that you're IQ is higher than the average. The average is between 90 and 110, but some people average that out to 100. It simply means that your "logic capacity" or "Intelligence system" is slightly higher than most people, based on a general scale.

Is 126 a good IQ for a 13-year-old male?

Yes, it is above average. An average IQ is 100. And IQ has nothing to do with age. Your IQ would be the same no matter what your age is. But if you took the IQ test online, it may not be accurate. You will get more accurate results from an IQ test at school or done by a professional.

What does an IQ of 140 mean?

You are classed as a genius if you have a IQ of 140 or more, some say 135 or more. It doesn't really have great real meaning though. It is supposed to mean you have a great ability to understand things that others may struggle to comprehend, but it's not the same as having knowledge, being clever or ( Full Answer )

Is 126 a good IQ score?

Having an IQ for 100 is the average and since you have 126, you are over average. I'm 13 and I took an IQ test and my results were an ave of 126 and I didn't know if it was good or not till I asked and so yeah, I guess 126 is a pretty good score lol Gud jobz! -TravieWG ---------------------- ( Full Answer )

What does an IQ of 130 mean?

If it is accurate, it means you're pretty intelligent. Not a genius, but smart. However, if you took the IQ test online, it may not have been accurate. Accurate IQ results can be obtained by taking an IQ test at school or otherwise given by a professional.

You have an IQ of 148 What does it mean?

It means that your very smart !! because normal IQ: level is 100 i think your a genious correct my spelling im not a good speller. but any way Instine's IQ: was 160 so your pretty darn close!! make sure you wear a helmet often because you don't want any thing to happen to that wonderful mind of your ( Full Answer )

Is an IQ of 126 considered gifted for a 13 yr old boy?

Yes;. Over 140 - Genius or near genius . 120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence . 110 - 119 - Superior intelligence . 90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence . 80 - 89 - Dullness . 70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency . Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness . Your IQ is classified gifted under ( Full Answer )

How smart is 126 IQ points?

If you have an IQ of 126 points, this is an average amount. If youhave an IQ over 140, you are considered above average.

What does it mean if you get 117 in a IQ test?

Having an IQ of 117 places your intelligence in the High Average range. Average is 90 to 109 and most people fall within that range (68%). An IQ score of 117 is approximately at the 87th percentile which means, when compared with other people your age, your intelligence would surpass 87 out of 100 p ( Full Answer )

What does the number 126 mean in the Jewish faith?

In Hebrew, the language primarily used for sacred texts prior to its revival as a spoken language, each letter has a numerical value. Some believed that Hebrew was the language of the angels, while the ancient rabbis maintained that Hebrew was the language originally spoken by Adam and Eve in the Ga ( Full Answer )

What does 126 mean to Jewish people?

I have heard it is for good luck ___________ 126 is a multiple of 18. 18 is the numerical value of the letters that make up the word 'chai' which means life in Hebrew.

What is the meaning of 126 in Judaism?

In Hebrew, each letter also has a numerical value, using a system called Gematria .. So, for example, the word for "life" in Hebrew ( חי ) is composed of two letters ח - Het=8 and י - Yud=10 for a total numerical value of 18 .. Things like charitable donations are given in mul ( Full Answer )

What does an IQ of 138 mean?

That's my IQ too! I'm 13. It means you are very intellengent. WAY over average. But it also depends on your age. Congrats on an amazing IQ!!! And no, you are not a nerd. lol ~ciao~

Is a IQ of 126 good for a 21 year old?

IQ of 126 is not bad, but to say for a 21 year old is it good? Well I mean your mental IQ wont really change from now on, I mean i doubt its changed much intellectually since you were about nineteen, but I mean an IQ of 126 is a respectable IQ and above average so I guess your doing well!

What does it mean if you have a IQ?

IQ means Intelligence Quota - how smart you are. Take a Mensa IQ Test online. 100 is average - 150 is extremely intelligent. Below 100 needs improvement.

What does your IQ mean?

An intelligence quotient ( IQ), is a score derived from one of several tests which assess intelligence. The abbreviation "IQ" comes from the German term " Intelligenz-Quotient" , which was originally coined by psychologist William Stern. . There are many websites which offer IQ tests, but ( Full Answer )

What does an EQ of 126 mean?

your emotional intelligence is good. People who score like you do feel that they have little trouble understanding and dealing with their own emotions and those of others. They generally are able to overcome difficulties in their lives and they are able to control their moods in all but the most try ( Full Answer )

Is 126 a good IQ for a 45 year old woman?

IQ is only based on age when you are younger than 18. If you got a 126 IQ score on a real test (not an on-line test) then you are far above average. Also race comes into play on IQ test scores. Studies show averages as follows: Asian 105 White 100 Hispanic 90 Black 89 IQ scoring is also exponentia ( Full Answer )

What does an IQ of 81 mean?

One will have to take 3 or more IQ tests ,in a clinical setting, to find ones average, but with a score of 81, the next two could be within a range of 15, add those up and divide by three and you have got your average IQ. However if one did the test online one might have had test anxiety, or was dis ( Full Answer )

What does an IQ of 98 mean?

It is good to have a 98. 98-102 means that the person is normal. 0-68:mental problems 69-97:academically low 98-102:normal person 102-120 advanced 121-130:extremely intellegent 130+ :genius

Your IQ is 133 what does this mean?

That means that your IQ is above average. The average IQ is around 100 for all age groups, so congratulations!

Is 126 a good IQ score for a 9 year old?

IQ is adjusted for age (if you are under 18 only) so your age is irrelevant. The average IQ is 100, with a standard deviation of 15. That means that around 95% of the population have an IQ of between 80 and 110. You are better than that, but not quite a genius 138 or higher. On-line IQ test do ( Full Answer )

What does a IQ of 85 mean?

Well, an average IQ score is 100, and the higher it is, the better, so 85 is...well, you can figure it out.

What does it mean if your IQ is 120?

You're pretty smart! Over 140 - Genius or almost genius 120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence 110 - 119 - Superior intelligence 90 - 109 - Average or normal intelligence 80 - 89 - Dullness 70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence Under 70 - Feeble-mindedness

What does an IQ of 40 mean?

Average IQ (intelligence quotient) is in the region of 90 to 110, an IQ of 40 is extremely low.

What does it mean if my IQ is 154?

What an IQ of 154 really means is simply: People with IQ's of 120 and above tend to staff the professions as doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, and college professors. They fall in the upper 10% of the population. But there are also people with very high IQs that never reach mental maturity an ( Full Answer )

What does an IQ of 116 mean?

You're in the top of the average group. so not exceptional, but better than most. the median IQ is about 100, which is perfectly average.

What does an 79.2 IQ mean?

it means your dumb but you can be clever ( sorry but im answering your question :/ )

What does an IQ of 73-82 mean?

That your intelligence is below the average level. An IQ of 100 is average regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or age.

What does IQ score of 56 mean?

An IQ of 56 is considered very, very low. Generally, anyone below 70 is considered to be intellectually challenged (or retarded, but that is an ugly term).

What does an IQ score of 136 mean?

It means you are very smart with a good learning potential. Anything between about from 90 to 110 is average.

What does an IQ of 161 mean?

An IQ of 161 is very high- in the Genius range of IQ. Albert Einstein was estimated to have had an IQ of 161.

What does IQ of 147 mean?

Yes, that is very good and well above average. Anything over 140 is qualified for Mensa.

What does an IQ score of 150 mean?

IQ stands for intelligence quotent. It is said to measure a persons intelligence. An IQ score of 150 is said to be genius level. Less than 1 percent of IQ scores fall into the 145 to 159 range.