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What does an IQ of 140 mean?

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You are classed as a genius if you have a IQ of 140 or more, some say 135 or more. It doesn't really have great real meaning though. It is supposed to mean you have a great ability to understand things that others may struggle to comprehend, but it's not the same as having knowledge, being clever or wise.

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Intelligence consists of a battery of knowledge and skills, among which are music, math, reasoning & logic, memory, emotional state, and basic life skills, most of which are based upon God-given talent, ability, and study. Unlike what many suspect, it isn't all about knowing answers to specific sets of questions. IQ's are not constant because the system of calculation includes the age group of the tested individual and his/her relative mental acuity compared to his/her age group.

IQ's from 120-140 are considered very superior intelligence.

I recently took a (legitimate) IQ test and scored 140. But I did not do well at school and often struggled with tests, so it certainly doesn't mean you will be successful in those areas. I find it laughable that I could be classed as a "genius" just because of this IQ score. You can have a high IQ and still be a fool, in fact in some cases it may even contribute to foolishness. Based on the theory that you can be "so intelligent that you are stupid".

I can tell you from experience that, even if IQ scores are accurate tests of real intelligence, it is rarely an advantage in the modern world. In a world so ruled by stupidity it can often be a disadvantage to be overly intelligent.

To top off this subject, I quote Einstein: Correct guessing is the highest type of thinking. If you can figure out the basis of this assertion, then you might rank high on an IQ scale.

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What does the IQ of 101 mean?

An IQ of 100-110 is considered average. Genius is 140+.

What does an IQ of 136 mean?

You and considered "Superior". To be a genius, your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) must be 140+.

What does an IQ of 129 mean?

129 is significantly above average IQ 100 is average 140+ is genius

What does a score of 140 mean in an IQ test?

It doesnt mean much but it means you are smart

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Madonna IQ is 140

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Stalin had 140 IQ

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An IQ of 140 is considered genius. 120 to 140 is near genius.

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Her IQ is aparently 140

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IQ scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 If a certain statistician has an IQ of 140 what percent of the population has an IQ less than she does?

99.6% for

IQ scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 if a certain statistician has an IQ of 140 what percent of the population has an IQ less than he does?

About 98% of the population.

Is 146 a good IQ?

very goodiq under 80 very bad (mental illness)iq 80-120 normaliq 120-140 smartiq more than 140 genus

What does an IQ of 199 mean?

it means that you are really really smart because the IQ for a genius is considered to be 140 so if you have 199 that means you are really smart

What does a IQ score of 140 mean?

It means you are in the 98th percentile of all people. You qualify for Mensa.

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140 or higher

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