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What does an action replay look like?

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Action replay looks like a regular ds game, except with a place where you can insert your ds game in.

2015-08-11 04:39:55
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How do you use Action Replay Codes for Action Replay Max for playstation2?

Does it look like I have action replay for PS2!!!!Sheeeez!!!!

What do action replays look like?

Like a replay of the action that just happened

What does an action replay or gameshark look like for the GBA?

acton replay looks like a ds game but obviously says "action replay". a gameshark, i dunno. look on google or yahoo answers

What does a action replay look like?

Answer:Just google it.

Is there an Action Replay code to look like the Beauty Girl?


What does an action replay for Game Boy advanced look like?


Do you have to connect your action replay to the computer?

No, you do not need to connect your action replay to your computer but you have to look online for codes for your action replay though

How do i get the azure flute without using an action replay code?

you cant get it without action replay take a look on eBay for action replay I got my action replay for cristmas.

What dose an action replay look like?

like the same thing it did before but in slow motion

How do you get Action Replay for DSi?

Go to a gamestop and ask about action replay and purchase look online for DSI action replay. i found mine @

How do you Use Action Replay On the DS?

The reason for the action replay is basically for you to have cheat codes for your ds but in order for them to work is for you to look up action replay codes and figure out how to enter them into your action replay card

Is there an action replay code to look like waluigi in super Mario 64 ds?

There is no known action replay code to look like waluigi in super Mario 64 ds. Refer to the game's instruction manual for further information.

Why does action replay work for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but not Pokemon platinum?

action replay does not work for platinum because platinum came out a long time after action replay but there is another version coming out go to if you would like to have a look.

What are some Action Replay questions for Emerald Version of Pokemon?

Some common questions for Action Replay are: Where can I buy an Action Replay? How do I use an Action replay? What items and Pokemon can I get off of an Action Replay? Should I use and Action Replay or a Gameshark? Is it easy to use an Action Replay? Do I have to enter in long codes for an Action Replay to give me what I want like I have to on a Codebreaker?

Is there an action replay to make youre self look like Giratina in Pokemon platinum?

NO theres not!!

How do you get Arceus with the Action Replay HG?

You will need a code. you can google it or look on sites like Neoseeker.

Is there and action replay code for shiny Pokemon with action replay?

yes look it up on youtube its easy to find it there

Where to buy a action replay dsi wire?

datel website look for action replay dsi and it will be the last question

How do you use this action replay code 021EA457 D0000004 like what is the combo its suppose to get me a shiny Milotic with maxed stats in peral?

type it in on action replay type it in on action replay type it in on action replay

Can you Make a Chimchar look like Harry Potter with an Action Replay?

No.....Thats why they have Google look it up.You really that dumb?

How is an Action Replay used in Pokemon Emerald?

It is used like any ordinary Action Replay.

How do you hack an action replay?

You don't hack an action replay... you look up codes online to get cheats to use on games such as Pokemon pearl or Animal Crossing Wild World. If you don't have an action replay you can buy it at Walmart or anywhere else for like twenty bucks.

Pokemon pearl how to do action replay?

well,you can look on the internet for action replay codes,and then you enter them in your game. hope this helped! :)

How do you get the walk through walls cheat on your action replay?

you just get a action replay and enter a code,look up the code

Action replay code for 999 masterballs for soulsilver?

go online and look it up I've got it on my action replay