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As in all acid-base (alkali) reactions, it will reduce the acidity of the soil and, if there is an excess of base to acid, it can make the soil become alkaline.

The soil will be less acidic if base is less than acidity, become neutral (if base = acidity), or become alkaline if base is greater than acidity.

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Q: What does an alkali fertilizer do to an acid soil?
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Is soil an acid or alkali?


Is soil treatments acid or alkali?


Is a fertilizer an acid or alkali?

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Is the acidic soil used for crops alkali or acid?


Is manure acid or alkali?

Manure is organic matter used as organic fertilizer in agriculture.

Broccoli grow better in acid or alkali?

Broccoli is a Brassica so grows best in alkali soil.

What type of soil do pomegranates require?

regular and/or acid soil - relatively little fertilizer needed

How does alkali help to treat acidic soil?

A soil is acidic because there are compounds within it which dissolve in water to form an acid. An acid is defined as a substance which readily gives out protons to oter molecules. An alkali is the converse, in that it is a proton acceptor and readily takes on protons. Treating an acidic soil with an alkali would neutralise the soil, and so the soil would become less acidic. If enough alkali is added, the soil will become neutral, and it will become alkaline if even more alkali is added.

How do you neutralise acid rain in soil?

Add a base/alkali such as calcium carbonate (limestone) to the soil which will neutralise the acidity.

Is an alkali an acid?

No an alkali is the opposite of an acid. Alkali = basic; acid = acidic.

Why do you put manure on limestone soils?

Low pH of the manure counters the high pH of the soil. Acid manure, alkali soil.

How do you use muriatic acid as a fertilizer?

Muriatic acid may simply be poured into soil. However, it may be too acidic for most types of soil, and there are many products that can be used instead.