What does an astrobiologist study?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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The comparative study of earth life and alien life (plants, cells, water on other planatary objects.)

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Q: What does an astrobiologist study?
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What does a astrobiologist study?

He/She studies the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe.

How much do astrobiologists make?

Astrobiologist study the origin of life, evolution and many other interesting things. On average, with experience, they make $55,760 to $83,640 yearly.

What is the person called who have interest in extraterrestrial life?

An astrobiologist.

What is a scientist called that studies life on other planets?

An astrobiologist.

How much money does an astrobiologist make in a year?

you can make some but not much

What field of science investigates ideas about a possible extraterrestral orgain of life?

An Astrobiologist

How does an astrobiologist serve his community?

By dispelling fears of little green men. People can get hysterical sometimes.

Who triggered life on Earth?

According to some Astrobiologist, the primodial pond forming bubbles triggered the life on Mother Earth.

Whats it called techniclly scientfclly or Whats category or genre when wantng2explore unknown parts of universe See alien solar systems Land and what kinds of alien life exists and in what forms etc?

Many different types of scientists explore space and look for alien life. One specific type is the Astrobiologist. Currently no astrobiologist has visited another planet or found an real extraterrestrial creature. Their main pursuit is to study the implications of living on other planets and theorize about what types of life forms might exist there. They often study the organisms that live in extreme environments on earth, called "extremophiles," because these environments are good models for other planets.

What field of science investigates ideas about a possible extraterrestrial orgin of life?

Xenobiology is the speculative biology of extraterrestrial life forms.

How much does an exobiology make?

An exobiologist, also known as an astrobiologist, searches for life beyond the Earth and studies the effects of extraterrestrial conditions on organisms. Exobiologists are typically teachers and scientists at the University level. They earn generally between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.

What do you call a person who studies alien life forms?

The study of hypothetical extraterrestrial life -in all of its aspects but keyed towards earth-style biology, is termed Exobiology- don:"t go looking this up in book stores.