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Q: What does an infinitive look like in English?
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What is the different between infinitive and gerund?

In English an infinitive is the "to" form of a verb, like "to say" or "to do" A gerund is the "ing" form, like "saying" or "doing"

What does regards mean in English?

In French, Regarder is the infinitive verb for "to look" or "to watch", as in "Regarder la finêtre (Look/Watch the window)".

Is so an infinitive?

No, "so" is not an infinitive. "To be" is an example of an infinitive in English. Infinitives are the base form of a verb preceded by the word "to."

What is the infinitive of fais?

The infinitive form of "fais" is "faire," which means "to do" or "to make" in English.

What is the English translation of the Italian 'somigliare a'?

"To resemble" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase somigliare a.Specifically the infinitive somigliare means "to look like, resemble." The dependent preposition a means "to." The pronunciation is "SOH-mee-LYAH-reh ah."

What is an easy way to identify an infinitive in English?

In English, an infinitive is a verb form that typically starts with "to," like "to run" or "to study." To identify an infinitive, look for the base form of the verb preceded by "to," such as "to dance" or "to sing."

What is 'to love or to like' when translated from English to French?

Aimer ou aimer bien is a French equivalent of the English phrase "to love or to like." The present infinitive, conjunction, present infinitive, and adverb translate literally into English as "to love or to love well." The pronunciation will be "eh-mey oo eh-mey bya" in French.

What is 'to look for them' when translated from English to Italian?

"To look for them" in English is Cercarli in Italian. The word represents the merger of the present infinitive cercare("to look for," "to search for") with the plural direct object pronoun li. The pronunciation will be "tcher-KAR-lee" in Italian.

What has the author Patrick J Duffley written?

Patrick J. Duffley has written: 'The English infinitive' -- subject(s): English language, Infinitive

What is 'to like' when translated from English to Italian?

Piacere is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "to like." The present infinitive translates literally as "to be pleasing to" or "to please" in English. The pronunciation will be "pya-TCHEY-rey" in Pisan Italian.

What is 'vocari' in English?

To be called is one English equivalent of 'vocari'. To be summoned is another equivalent. The Latin verb is the passive infinitive form of the active infinitive 'vocare'.

Is aimer an infinitive?

Yes, "aimer" is the infinitive form of the verb in French. It means "to like" or "to love."