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It's mouth looks like a parrots beak. It can slice through a tough crabs shell.

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What does a squid's mouth look like?

just like an octopus mouth, a beak actually.

What does a diagram of Chinese government look like?

look like an octopus look like an octopus

What does octopus look like?

They have large heads and have eyes like a crocodile. They have 8 lond arms with sucktion cups on the bottem of them. There mouth is on the bottem of them.

What does the octopus moshling look like?

Unfortunatly there is no octopus moshling.

What does the octopus look like?

== ==

Where is the octopus mouth?

Underneath its body. It is in the middle of it's tentacles, at the base of the octopus. It looks like a beak.

How does an octopus breath?

the octopus breath by the mouth

What do octopus look like when there alive?

i think they look like OCTUPUS

What is the function of the mouth for an Octopus?

Octopus have babies out of their mouths. The male octopus have a mouth which is nonfunctional, just as human males have nipples that are nonfunctional.

What does a human look like if they are mixed with an octopus?

It would look like a man with octopus tentacles. Just like mermaid but instead of a fish tail it would be octopus tentacles.

What does a vent octopus look like?

they have eyes that look like a crocodile's eyes

What does octopus poop look like?


What do bats mouth look like?

Most look like a small dogs mouth.

Where is an octopus's mouth?

An octopus' mouth is centered on the underside of the body in the middle of the tentacles. Fun fact: an octopus has a beak.

How does an Mimic Octopus Defend itself?

It hides in the sand or campfloges it'self to look like a octopus

How does dumbo octopus look like?

he is very colorful

What does a cuttlefish look like?

It looks like an octopus! You are welcome. =D

What does a scorpion mouth look like?

A scorpions mouth looks like a spiders mouth

What do octopus tentacles look like?

I looks like a pointy noodle with flat cups on it...You know what just search it up it is everywhere in the net.

Where is a octopus mouth?

in the middle of the tentacles.

How octopus breath by lungs or gills or trachea?

The beak-like mouth of an octopus is located on the mantel cavity at the back of the bulbous head of the octopus, surrounded by the eight legs. The mouth is the entryway to the mantle cavity which has gills inside of it. The octopus uses these gills to breathe. Water is brought into the octopus mouth and is then passed through the gills back into the body of water. As the water is pushed over the surface of the gills, oxygen is picked up by the blood in the capillaries of the gills.

What do Arctic wolves' mouth parts of mouth look like and teeth look like?


What does cuttlefish look like?

It looks like an octopus. You are welcomed! =) =ใ…‡ =D

What does an octopus jelly look like?

White goo. like goofy goobers.

What the octopus look like?

the octopus has a big head with 8 legs but you dont call them legs you call them tentecals.