What does athena tell nausicaa to do in the morning?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Athena tells Nausicaa to wash the palace laundry in the morning.

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wash her clothes in a certain location...

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Q: What does athena tell nausicaa to do in the morning?
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What inspires nausicaa to organize her washing expedition in odyssey?

she gets a dream from Athena and goes to meet naked Odysseus as shes naked

What goddess visits nausicaa in a dream in the odyssey?


Judging from how Athena helps Telemachus and Nausicaa what quality does Athena give to people?


Think about how Athena helped both Telemachus and Nausicaa What quality did Athena bring out in both of them?


What quality did Athena bring out in both Telemachus and nausicaa?


How does Athena tell Nausicca that she should go wash her clothes?

Nausicaa. or ship-burner. In a dream. Thereby she is by the sea when Odysseus, the shipwrecked, wakes.

Who is brought out by Athena to Odysseus to rescue him after he has reached the island of the Phaeacians?

princess Nausicaa

What subliminal message does Athena give to nausicaa while she lies sleeping?

In Homer's "Odyssey," Athena visits Nausicaa in a dream and tells her to go do her laundry at the river the next day so she can meet Odysseus, who will help her return home. This subliminal message encourages Nausicaa to take action that will lead to her meeting Odysseus and ultimately furthering his journey.

What three women help Odysseus on his journey?

Circe, Calypso, Ino, and Nausicaa help Odysseus. Athena helps Odysseus as well.

What king does Odysseus tell his journey to?

King Alcinous of the Phaeacians, Nausicaa's father.

Who first finds Odysseus on the island of Scheria?

Nausicaa, emboldened by Athena, first greets the naked Odysseus whom has washed upon the island of Scheria.

Who does nausicaa tell Odysseus he must appeal to in order to get safely home?

Her mother