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I think he means that Mr. Cunningham is a good person but has his flaws and imperfection like everyone else.

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Q: What does atticus mean when he says that Mr Cunningham has blind spots?
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What does Atticus mean when he says the mr. Cunningham has blind spots?

When Atticus says Mr. Cunningham has blind spots, he means that Mr. Cunningham may have good qualities but also holds biased or flawed beliefs. In this case, he is referring to Mr. Cunningham's participation in the mob that came to harm Tom Robinson, despite his earlier display of kindness towards Atticus.

What are blind spots when drving?

Blind spots when driving are the areas around a vehicle that the driver cannot see either while facing forwards or by checking their mirrors. Typically, the blind spots are located to the rear left and right of a vehicle. Larger vehicles, such as lorries, have much wider blind spots than smaller vehicles such as cars. To find the blind spots on your car, watch another car approach you in your mirrors until it comes into your field of vision, there may be a point where you cannot see the car at all and that would mean it is in one of your blind spots.

Why did atticus say that mr Cunningham came from a set breed of man what does his remark mean?

Atticus referred to Mr. Cunningham coming from a group of people defined by certain values and norms. His remark implies that Mr. Cunningham's actions were influenced by his upbringing and the societal expectations of his community, which contributed to his behavior during the incident involving Tom Robinson.

Atticus said the children made Walter Cunningham stand in his shoes the night at the jail. What did he mean by that?

Atticus meant that the children, by empathizing with Walter Cunningham and seeing the situation from his perspective, were able to understand the humanity in him and appeal to his kindness and reason, preventing a violent confrontation. It highlights the power of empathy and understanding in diffusing tension and promoting harmony.

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What does the word 'Atticus' mean?

Atticus is latin and means ''from Athens''

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What does atticus mean when he says A mob's always made up of people no matter what Mr Cunningham was part of the mob last night but he is still a man.?

Atticus is conveying that individuals may act irrationally or unjustly when they are part of a group, but they are still responsible for their actions as individuals. He is emphasizing the importance of recognizing the humanity and individuality of each person, regardless of the group dynamics at play.

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Why do the men tell atticus to leave What do they want to do to tom?

The men want to take matters into their own hands and harm Tom Robinson. They ask Atticus to leave so that they can do so without interference or opposition from him. Their actions show the depth of prejudice and racism within the community.