What does being cheesed mean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Being annoyed.

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Q: What does being cheesed mean?
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How can you get cheesed?

to get cheesed you have to go to a cheese shop and say can i get cheesed please and they will cheese you Cheesed is also slang for being angry or upset over something.

What does the British slang 'cheesed off' mean?

This means you are annoyed with something. For example: 'I am really cheesed off that they got my order wrong!'

What does cheesed off mean?

Irritate/annoy/anger someone.

Is there a poem called cheesed off?

Yes there is

What do you do when your friends ammy is cheesed off?

say quack :)

What are the differences between commercial cheese making and organic farm cheese making?

there is a better cheese than the cheese that is being cheesed in the cheesy cheesier chesus cheese.

Why does she have snakes on her head?

somebody cheesed her to have snakes on her head and tern them in to stone

What food web is the white-winged duck in?

The duck is in the cheesed food web.

How much fats does a cheesed burger have?

To start off with it's a CHEESE BURGER not a cheesed burger. To answer your question way to much; if you ate one of them you would actually have to get off your computer and go exercise for a little while before you die of a heart attack.

Why was Brutus upset?

Brutus was rarely upset--he was a stoical type of guy. He did get cheesed off at Cassius for being dishonest with the appointment of officers by selling the offices to the highest bidder (not unlike a recent Governor of Illinois).

Is cheesed him off a vulgar phrase?

No its not the vulgar phase .The meaning is to make someone very anger

What did Steve do that surprised Rusty-James in Rumble Fish?

Steve showed up at the beach with a gun, ready to settle a score against Rusty-James' rival, Biff. This surprised Rusty-James because he didn't expect Steve to be capable of such violence.