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What does being held accountable mean?

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Being held accountable for something or some action means that you are responsible for that thing or action.

If you are held accountable for, for example, unlocking the doors at the beginning of the day, it is your job to see that they are unlocked. If they are not unlocked at the designated time, it will be considered your fault and you may get a negative response from your employer.

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How is a government held accountable?

A government is held accountable by regular elections.

Can a person with dementia be held accountable for ethinic slurs?

no Actually people with dementia can be held accountable. This does not mean all dementia suffers can or will be held accountable. Some have a very mild form and have a reasonable understanding of right and wrong, and some have severe dementia and probably would not even be able to recall such an incident seconds later. Should they be treated in the same manner.

What is meant by the term accountable?

Held responsible

Use the word accountable in a sentence?

I am held accountable for all of the decorations for the 87th birthday party.

What does accountabillty mean?

Accountability means that you can be held accountable for your actions. People know that you will except the blame or the credit for something that you did.

Should US and British officials be held accountable for crimes against humanity for their deceit?

Please explain what you mean.

If a child signs for the remaining balance on the fathers funeral bill are they held accountable?

if a child signs for the remaining balance on the fathers funerla bill are they held accountable.

What is another word for held accountable?

blamed/charged with

Is accountable an adjective?

Yes, it is a derivative adjective meaning "held to account" or responsible.

How many years can a person be held accountable for a felony?


Who is the FASB held accountable to?

Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF)

How will christians be held accountable for their sin?

they wont, if jesus has his way with them

Is the the phrase the staff is held accountable correct grammar?


In regimes power is held by an individual or group not accountable to the people?


Should businesses be held morally accountable applying different standards than you use to assess others in a society?

yes, I believe that business should be held accountable for there action while conduct business.

What is another word that means responsibe that is past tense?

Responsible means that someone is accountable or in charge. A way to say that in past tense would be that they took charge. They were held accountable. They were liable or accountable.

What does representative government mean?

REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT has historically denoted a system in which people elect their lawmakers (representatives), who are then held accountable to them for their activity within government.

What is the abbreviation for accountability?

There is no abbreviation for accountability. The word means the fact or condition of being accountable. It can also mean responsibility.

Effects of the Truman doctrine?

The effects of the Truman Doctrine led to countries around the world being held accountable for their actions. Through this doctrine NATO was created.

What is the fear of being held and not let go called?

If you mean the fear of being bound [like held back], then it is: Merinthophobia

Does the 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination apply to corporations?

If a person on a witness stand is being questioned about liability for an act that he did not personally take part in, no. If he is being held accountable for it then yes.

Who should be held accountable when security is breached by a hacker?

The security officer or Administrator

Another word for answerable?

ANSWERABLE : (held) responsible (for), culpable, accountable, liable

The government is held accountable for its actions under which principle of government?

judicial Review

Who should be held accountable for not upholding federal immigration laws?

The Federal Government.