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Dividing a larger goal into several smaller goals

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breaking a larger goal into several smaller goals, apex.
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breaking a larger goal into several smaller goals. apex :)

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The process of benchmarking is a quality improvement tool in management. It is to identify what one is doing, how one is doing, how others do it and how to improve the work.

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Q: What does benchmarking involve?
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Breaking one goal into several smaller goals is known as?


What is the difference between benchmark and benchmarking?

A benchmark is the result of benchmarking.

What is the difference between benchmarking and benchmark?

benchmarking is aprocess of acquring benchmark

When was Global Benchmarking Network created?

Global Benchmarking Network was created in 1994.

Describe types of benchmarking commonly used in organisations?

historic, internal and external benchmarking

Explain the meaning of the term benchmarking in fire and safety?

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your procedures with those of other organizations that are considered to be leaders (or benchmarks) in those particular areas. Benchmarking has this meaning through the business world, not just in fire and safety. The purpose of benchmarking is to improve the way your organization does things.

How might the benchmarking and quality circles inprove quality?

for eg: for a product required by a customer, the benchmarking will be done by the customer. it means the product is of good quality which the customer was expecting. Benchmarking means the product has relative performance which is expected.

Which statements correctly describe benchmarking?


What takes a place when developing alternatives?


When to use benchmarking?

Organizations and companies use benchmarking to determine where inputs, processes, outputs, systems, and functions are significantly different from those of competitors or others.

Who is the backbone of benchmarking?

anil kumar saxena ( tau)

What has the author Susan Jurow written?

Susan Jurow has written: 'Benchmarking interlibrary loan' -- subject(s): Evaluation, Interlibrary loans, Academic libraries, Benchmarking (Management)