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Biceps help you do important things like lifting heavy objects.

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How do biceps and triceps move the body?

Biceps and Triceps are not involved in the motion of the body. It is your legs and the muscles in your leg that help you move around

Can the body live without the biceps?

Yes, the body can live without biceps.

What is the scientific body part name for your biceps?

The scientific name for biceps is Biceps Brachii.

What part of body does playing football help?

Playing football helps the biceps, triceps, and quadriceps.

Why do you need biceps?

you need biceps to react with triceps in your arm and biceps help you lift things

What do biceps do for the body?

The make you sing "How I Like My Biceps" while jacking off

Do biceps push or pull?

The biceps pull the lower arm towards the body.

How many muscle in biceps?

The human body has a left biceps and right biceps, each of which is a single muscle with two heads.

What biceps and triceps are?

Biceps and Triceps are muscles in the upper arms of the human body. Biceps are for flexion and triceps are for extension of the arms

Do push ups help build big biceps?

no it keeps your biceps tone up

Name 5 major muscle in your body?

Biceps, triceps, quadriceps, biceps femoris and gastrocenimius.

Which joint are the biceps working with in the body?

The joints that the biceps are working with are the elbow joint and the shoulder joint.

How does canoeing help your body?

conoeing is useful to your body because the rowing portion will give some exercise to your biceps and triceps. it will also be a good warm up.

What are deltoids and biceps?

Muscles of the human body.

Are there some biceps workout exercises that I can access on-line?

Biceps workout are great way to tone your arms. A great online website to help you with your biceps workout: simplyabs.com/back-and-biceps-workout.php

Body part that start with a b?

bladder, brain, bones, buccinator muscle, biceps brachii, biceps femoris,

Is the biceps femoris lateral or medial to the semimembranosus?

The biceps femoris is lateral to the semimembranosus. The semimembranosus is closer to the midline of the body.


Biceps are musles you find ontop your upper arm. It has 2 origin points. It pulls your lower arm towards your body. Muscle on your arm that people flex.

Body part starts with a b?

a body part that starts with b is biceps

How does swimming help your body?

It improves the body's muscular structure (Including Biceps and Triceps) and improve your overall fitness as swimming is a Cardiovascular exercise.

Best biceps workout?

The best workout for your biceps is push or any other form of using you own body weight to get bigger

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