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Q: What does billy does billy look like in Where the Red Fern Grows?
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What does Billy from 'Where the Red Fern Grows' look like?

Billy has straw colored shaggy long hair with patched and faded overalls and bare feet.

In Where the Red Fern Grows what does billy look like?

He is described as, "long shaggy blonde hair, muscular,blue eyes,tan, and wearing clean but old, and worn out clothes."

Why does Billy Colman from Where the Red Fern Grows look up to Daniel Boone if he is from Oklahoma and Billy is from Texas?

Because Daniel B. was a good hunter and Billy dreams of becoming a famous hunter.

Where the Red Fern Grows theme?

The red fern ALWAYS grows theme. You may think there's no red fern around you right now, but if you look hard enough, it will appear, and grow forever. The longer you look for the red fern the faster it grows theme. I've done this before and it's quite reliable. Plus, the theme from the red fern is much higher quality than that of the blue fern.

What do old dan's wounds look like after the battle with the mountain lion in Where the Red Fern Grows?

basically pretty bad cuts

Where you can read Where the Red Fern Grows online?

If you go to and search the book Where the Red Fern Grows, on one of the options it will say take a look at the book or something like that and click that and you will be able to read some parts of the book according to the type of book.

What fern starts with the letter U and is a fern because its fronds look like one?

unieque fern

What does a red fern look like?


What does cotton look like when it grows?

how does cottons look like how does cottons look like

How do a dragon scale fern look like?

go to google images and type dragon scale fern

What do ferns look like?

What are facts about Tahlequah in Where the Red Fern Grows?

ok heres what you do read the book look for the answer and rewrite this ok peace out govna from kyra

What does the silver fern look like?

green on the top and silver on the bottom.

What does a frog look like as it grows?

it looks like a tadpole with a tail

What does cacao look like?

a chocolate tree where chocolat grows.

What does a fern look like?

See Related Links for many pictures/images of ferns.

What does a brace and bit trap look like in the book Where the Red Fern Grows?

it has a shiny piece of tin in it and sharp nails go through the coons paws whan he tries to reach for the tin in the cage type thing

What does billy the kid look like?

Short skinny and ugly.

What does a wriggler look like?

it has a big head and grows stouter and shorter

What does a fiddlehead plant look like?

Fiddleheads are the still-curled young fern plants. They look like the curled 'head' of a violin, thus, fiddle-heads.

How do you use fern in a sentence?

A fern is a very decorative plant that will look nice in that window.

What are the leaves of a fern called?

Fern leaves are called fronds. When they first emerge and are tightly curled, they are called fiddleheads because they look like the top end of a violin. Fronds.

What bush grows blue flowers that look like pom poms?


Why does Billy the Exterminator look like a rockstar?

because that's his style if he wants to look like that he can that's what i think i love that show

What does billy ray cyrus's wife look like?

blonde white skinny