What does blood count rdw-sd?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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My RDW-SD was 37.80 fl

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Q: What does blood count rdw-sd?
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What does it mean if your wbc 4.6 and your rdwsd 14.6?

both are normal

Will chickenpox alter a full blood count?

Chickenpox is likely to increase the white blood count in a full blood count.

Should a 17 years old girl period be pink in colour?

The color of blood depends on your blood count. High Blood Count = Dark red blood Low Blood Count = Pinkish blood You should try taking iron supplements to raise your blood count.

What did dracula contributr to medicine?

He was the first blood count.

Which count sucks your blood?

The count that is known for wanting to suck your blood is Count Dracula. The most famous Count Dracula is Bela Lugosi.

Your blood count is 96 do you need blood trnsfution?

I am worried about my blood count as every 8 weeks i do blood test and result is my blood count getting lower and lower due to i have been diagnosed with myelodysplastic Thanks.

What is average white blood count?

The average adult white blood count is from 3,200-9,800

What causes low blood count?

A lack of iron tends to result in low blood count.

Would appendicitis show up on a blood test?

yes.And the white blood cell will count very high due to the infection of apendicsus.

What does low blood count mean?

Having a low blood count means your blood is low on one of it's cell types. The symptoms are different depending on which, for example a low red cell count makes you anaemic and a low white cell count makes your immunity system drop.

Does blood test count as if you smoke weed?

No a blood test does not count towards smoking of any kind

Is 7.3 white blood cells count good?