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Basketball Power Index

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Q: What does bpi stand for in college basketball?
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What does cbk stand for in basketball?

CBK is used to reference college basketball. It is believed that the "K" is used to help differentiate between college baseball (CBB) and college basketball (CBK).

What does ORB stand for in college basketball?

Offensive rebounds

What does SOS stand for in college basketball?

Ratings percentage index

What does the college basketball acc stand for?

Antlanctic Coast Conference

What does dq stand for in college basketball stats?


What does reb stand for in college basketball?

The abbreviation reb stands for rebound.

Were do you buy bpi 8000 basketball goals from?

Basketball Products International - 866-621-DUNK (3865) or

In Computer Science what does the abbreviation bpi stand for?

Bits Per Inch

Did James Naismith go to college as a student?

what college did James Naismith go to? in which facility did basketball get invented? in which state was basketball invented? what does NCAA,CBA and NBA stand for? what was the first college basketball league called? name two teams which were in this league. what was the most interesting fact you learned about history of basketball? thank you!

What are your chances of playing college basketball and pro?

Very small if you stand out from your team and dominate your league then you could go to college but not such a good chance for pro

Is NBA and college basketball the same?

NO!!! college basketball is college... nba is pro..!

How is the RPI calculated in college basketball?

how is the rpi calculated in college basketball.

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