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The Celtic knotwork is four interlocking B's.

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Irish Celtic symol means shut up

There is a Celtic symbol that means brother not sure how to explain it just google "celtic symbol for brother"

it is just the band's logo, which is a Celtic Knot of the letter B. other than that i don't think it has any significant meaning.

quite simply that symbol is the symbol for breaking Benjamin, so it means breaking Benjamin

The symbol would be the arrow knot. It does not directly mean the word brother, but it is the one that is most commonly used.

It's the breaking Benjamin symbol it's just something they put on there CD covers Hope I helped ~Seth Never~

It was a symbol representing the "breaking of the chains" and becoming free, which is what she stands for.

Is sounds to be a Celtic tattoo, the Celtic cross represents the bridge or the passage between heaven and earth. If the cross has a ringed circle it is to signify infinity and eternal spiritual love & the three rays is a Celtic symbol also known as the Awen Symbol. Similar to the yin & yang symbol, the two outside rays representing male and female energy while the middle ray represents the balance of both energies.

It means in celtic Champion

The name 'Arthur' can mean 'bear' (derived from Celtic Artos) or 'stone' (derived from Celtic Art.)

There are six distinct Celtic languages. Which one do you mean?

There is no such thing as a maori Celtic sun tattoo. Māori and Celtic are two different cultures

'Celtic brothers' is in English and has no meaning in Welsh.To say 'Celtic brothers' in Welsh is brodyr Celtaidd.

'Immu' is Celtic for 'Fierce'.

Depending upon which symbol you mean, it usually means that symbol DOUBLED.

She had no symbol. Are you sure you mean 'symbol'?

If you mean the food, it has no symbol, but if you mean the number (3.1415...) the symbol is on the link below.

Welsh/celtic for mountain

You mean this symbol ♀??

What does the symbol E3 SIZE mean

KI means mystic warrior 'allegedly' in Celtic which is Irish and Kai is man of flowers in Celtic that's about it

It means little dark one

The name Quinn is Celtic for "Queen"

It is short for Douglas - from the Celtic for dark water

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