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it stands for Black Veil Brides. they are a rock/ screamo band. i recommend listening to them. i personally like Knives and Pens and the Mortician's Daughter. listen to them and take your pick!

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โˆ™ 2010-03-03 23:51:53
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Q: What does bvb stand for all i know is it is a band?
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How tall is jinx from bvb?

i dont know but i do know hes the shorest in the band

What does bvb stand for?

Black Veil Brides

Where are black veil brides from?

The members themselves are from all over the US but the current lineup of BVB as a band is from LA.

Why did Sandra leave bvb?

first of all. who is this sandra? Response to both questions - Sandra Alvarenga was the former drummer for the post-harcore/metal band Black Veil Brides (BVB) She was the drummer for their first full-length album, We Stitch These Wounds which came out on Standby Records in 2010. She has since left the band which occured do to musical style divergences. Both BVB and Sandra insist that she and members of her former band remain on good terms. Sandra is currently drumming for the band Modern Day Escape. BVB has taken on new drummer Christian "CC" Coma and he has provided the drumming for BVB's upcoming album titled, "Set the World on Fire" which is due to hit stores in June.

Does Ashley purdy from bvb have kids?

As far as I know he doesn't

What is the best emo band ever?

probably bvb(black veil brides) its not THE best its really popular

What was Ashley Purdy's old band?

He was lead singer of Stolen Hearts before he became bassist of BvB

Do any of the boys in bvb have a girlfriend?

nop all single

Music project and I can't choose what band to do either Faber Drive or Black Veil Brides?

BVB kickass, do them!

Is bvb in 2013 warped tour?

As I know, they won't be performing in Warped 2013.

Where did black veil brides get their symbol?

To be honest, I HAVE NO IDEA. I've been a fan of BVB for 4 years... But here's what I personally think, We all know that BVB is not Anti-Christ. In fact, they're religious. But they're making their band appear Anti-Christ. Well if you're talking about the upside down star symbol, they got that from the Satanic Goat God a.k.a Satan.

What is the state of matter of palladium at room temperature 20C?

bvb bvb

Who is jinxx engaged to from bvb?

sammi doll from the band my satellite. they were engaged june 20 2011 and are to be married october 20 2012

How did Andy sixs singing career begin?

Andy Six started his career in 2004 with his original band "Biersack" that changed to BVB

What genre is the song legac by bvb?

Legacy is just Rock, as are all their songs.

What are the black veil brides top 6 selling albums?

They are still new BVB only has 'We Stitch These Wounds' out right now. Andy was in another band before but I don't know how many albums they came out with.

Will bvb recruit new band members soon?

I dont think so.... i havent heard anything about it or seen anything about it so cant see them doing.......... BRILLIANT BAND THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

When did Ashley Purdy join black veil brides?

He joined BvB in 2008 He was previously the lead singer of a band called Stolen Hearts

What is Andley from BVB?

"Andley" is an illogical bromance between Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy of BVB.

What was the contribution of Anaximander?


Who is the youngest from bvb?


Who is the lead singer of bvb?

the lead singer of bvb is Andrew Biersack. Others call him Andy Biersack.

Are the black veil brides vampiers?

This is a stupid question. None of the members of BVB are vampires...... though the band members of Vampires Everywhere! claim to be vampires....

When did Sandra Alva join the band BVB?

In early 2009, but, to my knowledge, Sandra quit the band to start her own band project. Some are saying that she was in the band Modern Day Escape. I did my research and I do not think this is true. The New drummer is Christian "CC". She quit in late 2010.

What is the BVB army?

best visible boy ! everyone knows that ! like even 5 year olds know it!