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having skin made rough and thick through wear

If you mean to put it on then go to your player card <hand items <then what you want to put on but if you mean to move it then first make sure there is no cursor in you speech bar then press w. Waddle on!

pink or purple if u mean skin color shes black

what did Barack Obama's speech mean?

Do you by chance mean valedictorian speech? A valedictorian speech is called a valediction speech...

what does it mean to have a beauty spot on your hand

If by speech marks you mean qoutation marks (i.e. ""), then no, you do not need them, as the speech bubble implies it.

What exactly do you mean? Do you mean like "What is the fancy part of speech word that describes the process of digestion?"

If you mean "What part of speech is the word cellular?", it is an adjective.

hand gestures mean have a nice and or it shows respect to the person whos hand you are shaking.

A poignant speech is one that is very sad. It can also mean that the speech gives the listeners the feeling of regret.

Freedom of Speech is the freedom to speak without censorship and/orLimitation

Assuming you mean PART of speech (not ART), "or" is a conjunction.

If you mean fight them, yes. If you mean play as them, no.

If you mean Babble, it is foolish, meanlingless and incoherent speech

A contentious speech act

it means................................

It means 'empty hand' from kara empty and te handkarate mean open hand, which means fighting without weapons

big hand for minutes and little hand for hours.

A hand (if you mean horse hands) is measured by well a hand. One hand is 4 inches.

The words SMS poruke appear to be Croatian. The word "poruke" literally mean "at hand" or "in hand" in Slovak, but means simply "message" in common day speech in Croatia. Simply put, SMS poruke translates directly to SMS message in English.

well, did not is two words so if u mean didnt the part of speech is verb,

depending on which speech you mean he was shot

A figure of speech is something you say, but you don't mean it literally. For example, a figure of speech could be "You're driving me up the wall!" to mean "You are annoying me." Or, "break a leg" which means "good luck."

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing what you mean by "personal business." Every president receives a salary plus an allowance for expenses related to his job, as well as a budget for entertainment. I enclose a link to the Obamas' 2011 tax return, so you can see how they spent their money.

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