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you mean what does camisas mean in english it means shirts

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Camisa is the Spanish word for shirt.

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Q: What does camisas mean in spanish?
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How do you say all shirts in spanish?

todas camisas (TAWdass cahMEEsass)

How do you say 'shirts' in Spanish?

camesatadepending on what kind of shirt it is then the word for it would be different: a t-shirt is a camiseta a man's dress or button-up shirt is a camisa and a woman's blouse is a blousa

Do you put indefinite articles next to clothing items in Spanish?

Yes. Example: Voy a comprar unas camisas. I'm going to buy some shirts

How do you say shirts in espanol?

las camisas

What are examples of male spanish clothes?

Unos artículos de ropa para hombres son: zapatos, pantalones, camisas, sombreros, gorras, calcetines, cinturones, abrigos, ropa interior, pañuelos, y otros.

What does domino mean in Spanish?

what does domino mean in spanish

What does the name Antonia mean in Spanish?

Antonia in spanish mean Flower or Flor in spanish

What does you mean the most in spanish?

What does u mean the most in spanish

What does GAGA in spanish mean?

It doesn't have any mean in spanish.

What does think mean in Spanish mean in Spanish?

pensar = to think

What does punay mean in Spanish to English?

In Spanish it does not mean anything.

What does beber mean in Spanish?

Beber mean to drink in Spanish