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My dog ate it. ----------------

Correct answer wrong question, what you ask (canis meus id comedit) means dog my ate it, while the correct question would be meus canis id comedit, meaning my dog ate it.

I would do research on the proposition that word order effects the meaning of a sentence, word order is not imperative.

Latin suffixes notate the function of each word in a sentence.

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Q: What does canis meus id comedit mean in English?
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Canis meus id comedit?

"My dog ate it up" (my homework, presumably).

What is 'meus' in English?

My is the English equivalent of 'meus'. The possessive adjective is in the masculine nominative singular. The feminine and neuter forms are 'mea' and 'meum', respectively. 'Meus' can mean 'my' ('Os meus filhos' = 'My sons' or 'My kids'), or it can also mean 'mine' (Estes sapatos são meus' = 'These shoes are mine'), it always depends on how you use the adjective. My = meu, masculine nominative singular. My = minha, feminine nominative singular. My = meus, masculine nominative plural. My = minhas, feminine nominative plural.

What does amicus meus mean?

"Amicus meus" means "my friend."

What does 'pesso que me ajude nos meus estudos' mean in English?

Answer: This is Portuguese and it means: 'I ask you that help me in my studies'

What does Meus hostilis hostilis est meus amicus mean?

My enemy's enemy is my friend

How do you translate love is loyal into Latin?

'Loyalty above all else except honor' is translated in Latin to Fides supra omnes nisi honestas.

What is bites in Latin?

As a verb, mordet (Canis meus mordet, "My dog bites").As a noun, morsus (Hoc scio. Canis tuus tres morsus meo brachio intulit, "I know. Your dog has inflicted three bites on my arm").

What does the Latin phase Is est meus initium mean in English?

The basic meaning here is He is my beginning.In context it might also be It is my beginning, or perhaps This is my beginning.

What is the English word for the Latin word meum?

meam - fem. acc. of meus - my

What does Sous Deus Judex meus mean in English?

If you are thinking of Deus sit Judex it means: Let God by my judge. Pretty cool sounding eh?

What does exspecto pro meus diligo mean?

For my love, I look for the

What does meus sol es mean?

In Catalan, that means my sun.