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What does ce mean in history?

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It stands for Common Era, and is one half of a system of measuring time - the opposite is BCE, which means Before Common Era. It is gradually replacing BC and AD as a way of classifying years. The present year is 2011 CE.

It can also stand for "Christian Era;" perhaps more accurately. There was no sudden commonality in the world at 1CE.

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Ce qui means 'that which' i think :)

What are we doing this evening?

qu'est-ce its prob not quest ce its prop quest ce que. So it means what is that. history...BC mean before christ, CE means common era, AH means After Hijra...

Ce n'est pas ce qu'elle a dit means "this is not what she said" in English.

I don't recognise this, but if ce is actually CE then it means that the armour meets standards set by the European Community.

qu'est-ce que means what is ...? qu'est-ce que c'est? means what is that.

Ancient history is generally defined as 600 BCE to 500 CE.

N'est-ce pas means "isn't it" in English.

i think the phrase is qu'est-ce que and it means what do, or what does

What does quel jour est-ce mean?Question type of sentence.'Jour" : day --> representation/ positionning in time space'est-ce": is it? /What? --> interogationAnswer: Quel jour est-ce? (What day is it?)

CE (common era) is the same as AD (anno domini). (ex: 1400 CE is same as 1400 AD)

Est-ce que tu means 'Do you . . . ?'

"Ce faci dulceață" has the meaning of "What do baby".

Ce Gongsun has written: 'Zhan guo ce' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Chinese Quotations, History, Quotations, Quotations, Chinese, Zhan guo ce 'Ying xiong jie' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, History 'Bing jian shi ren xue' -- subject(s): Conduct of life, Physiognomy

Qu'est-ce que is a common formation for questions.Qu'est-ce que c'est translates to "What is that?"

"Qu'est-ce que" = What is? / What are? / What do? / What does?Some Examples:Qu'est-ce qu'il va faire? = What is he going to do?Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire? = What are you going to do?Qu'est-ce que tu veux dire? = What do you want to say? (What do you mean?)Qu'est-ce qu'elle veux dire? = What does she want to say? (What does she mean?)I hope this helps.

"qu'est-ce qu'il dit ?" means 'what does he says?' in English.

Ce n'est pas bon means 'this isn't good'.

AnswerCE (Common Era) and AD (Anno Domini) mean the same thing.

Qu'est-ce que is a common formation for questions. Qu'est-ce que c'est translates to "What is that?"

"Est-ce que" is a question form; that means roughly "is it?". The affirmative phrase "c'est" means "it is".

It was Iceland in 930 ce with the formation of the Althing.

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