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Support against gravity.

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Q: What does cellulose provide for plants?
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What is the main function in cellulose with plants?

the purpose of cellulose is to provide food for the cell and make the plant cell green

What plants cell walls are made of?

a thick, rigid membrane of cellulose fiber.

What polysaccharides provide structural support for plants?

There are many polysaccharides.Cellulose is dominant and hemicellulose,ligning are some.

Do insectivorous plants have cellulose?

I think it has cellulose as it is a plant and all plants have cellulose Yes, insectivorous plants have cellulose. Most of them are highly developed vascular plants. These plants meet part of their nitrogen requirement from insects.

What is composed of cellulose and is only found in plants?

Plant cell walls contain cellulose and provide structural support to plant cells.

Where is the polysaccharide cellulose found in plants?


Plants developed cellulose for?

plants use cellulose as a way to keep the stem sturdy

Portion of the diet which is provided by cellulose from plants?

We get fiber in our diets from the cellulose (cell walls) in plants.

What in sugar helps plants grow?

Sugar (glucose, in particular) is the basis for more complex carbohydrates. It is also the fundamental building block for the plant product called "cellulose". Cellulose is the tough substance that holds plants together, and is used to provide structure to the plant so that it can grow. Thus, when you provide a plant with sugar, you are providing it with the building blocks of cellulose, which can be used to increase the size of the plant structure.

What monomers plants use to make cellulose?

Cellulose is made in animals, starch is made in plants from polysaccarides

Do scientists believe plants evolved directly from cellulose?

No. Cellulose is a substance, not a living thing. Plants evolved from algae that developed cell walls made of cellulose.

Is cellulose produced by plants insects or mammals?