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Hypolordosis means a reversal of the normal spinal curvature, and cervical refers to the neck, so cervical hypolordosis would mean the neck is not curved properly. The human spine in profile from the side looks somewhat like an S. This reversal can be due to trauma, or more commonly, due to degenerative conditions, such as aging or arthritic changes.

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Lordosis is the normal curvature of the cervical spine. A normal lordosis is not expected to cause any symptoms.Lordosis is a curve in which the anterior (or front) of the spine has a convex curvature, and the posterior spine (or back) has a concave curvature. Measurements made from radiographic studies (x-rays) may demonstrated abnormalities of a normal cervical lordosis, such as: hypolordosis (a reduction in the normal curve), hyperlordosis (an increase in the normal curve, or cervical kyphosis (a reversal of the normal curve).The lumbar spine also has a lordotic curve.

The cervical lordosis is the curve in the neck (cervical spine). When there is straightening of the cervical lordosis, this can occur from posture or a herniated disc in the area.

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Cervical-- Relating to the top part of the spine that is composed of the seven vertebrae of the neck and the disks that separate them.

c-spine means cervical spine, and cervical means neck.

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Hyperlordosis is a condition where the spine curves inwards. You will often hear this condition called swayback and it only occurs in the lower spine.

It means that everything is the way it should be in your cervical spine. Nothing is wrong.

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Arthritic changes at multiple points in the neck.

Your question is not a question so it''s unclear what you mean. If you mean "Can you restore a normal cervical curve?", the answer is I believe so, at least temporarily. If you mean "Do the traction devices that are supposed to restore a normal cervical curve really work?", I think most do. I know this from personal experience because I went to a chiropractor, he pointed out that my cervical curve was straight, and he gave me a cervical traction system consisting of a foam roll, a head harness and a 5-pound lead ball. After a few months of using the device, the curve did improve somewhat, but it went back to what is was before after I stopped using it. The important question is "Is having a normal cervical curve important to your health?" I don't know the answer to this question. Vik97

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