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cg is an abbreviation for centigram; 1 cg = 0,01 g.

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Q: What does cg an abbreviation for in chemistry?
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What is the abbreviation for centigram?


What does Cg mean in chemistry?


Abbreviation of the center of gravity?

C/G or Cg

Is 5.1 centimeters and 5.1 cg the same?

No - a centimetre is a unit of length, while cg is an abbreviation for centigram, a unit of mass.

What does au and Cg Stand for?

Au is the chemmical abbreviation for gold.CG is an abbreviation for computer graphics.

What is CG anime?

CG is an abbreviation for "Computer Graphics" Meaning that the anime was generated using computer software such as for 3D ;)

What does cg mean in the metric system?

It is an abbreviation for centigram, which is 1/100 of a gram.

What is an abbreviation for chemistry?


What does the abbreviation ATM stand for in chemistry?

In chemistry, as well as in many other fields, the abbreviation "atm" stands for "atmosphere." The unit atmosphere has a torr of 760.

Abbreviation for lead in chemistry?


What is an abbreviation of word chemistry?


What is the abbreviation of CFC used in chemistry?


What is a three letter abbreviation for chemistry?


What does the abbreviation of e- stand for in chemistry?

Electron (-:

What is a symbol in chemistry?

A symbol in chemistry is defined as an abbreviation or shorthand sign for the full name of an element.

What does the following abbreviation mean CG?

Computer Graphics

What does ETOH stand for?

In Chemistry, this is the abbreviation for Ethanol. C2H5OH.

What does COOH stand for in chemistry?

Abbreviation for carboxylic acid

What is mm in chemistry?

The abbreviation mm represents millimeters.

What is the abbreviation for mercury on the periodic table?

The chemical abbreviation for mercury, used in the Periodic Table and throughout chemistry, is Hg.

What is sol in chemistry?

Sol is an abbreviation for solution.

Can cp be an abbreviation for chapter?

It might but not really you can state it as chemistry palarty

What is the full form of pH in chemistry?

pH is the abbreviation for "potential of hydrogen"

Abbreviation for heat in chemistry?

The symbol of heat is Q.

What does the abbreviation amu stand for?

In chemistry the abbreviation amu stands for atomic mass unit. It is defined as 1/12th the mass of a carbon atom.