What does chessie stand for?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What does chessie stand for?
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In the CSX Corporation which is the railroad freight company what do the letters CSX stand for?

It stands for Chessie Seaboard Multiplied Transportation.The x is a multiplication symbol.The company was formed by the merger of the Chessie System railroads and the Seaboard System.

When did Chessie System end?

Chessie System ended in 1980.

How tall is Chessie Moore?

Chessie Moore is 5' 8".

When was Chessie System created?

Chessie System was created in 1973.

What kind of animal is chessie?

There are several animals named Chessie. One is said to be a "sea monster," whatever that is. There is also a manatee named Chessie.

What is the birth name of Chessie Moore?

Chessie Moore's birth name is Robin Lynn Morgan.

Where does Chessie the sea monster live?

Chessie, the legendary sea monster, is said to live in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Chessie's first reported sighting was in 1943, with the last sighting in 1997.

Do you think Chessie is a cool name?

Only the most amazing name ever. It's great celebrity material. -Chessie, Tennessee.

What does CSX stand for?

It stands for Chessie Seaboard and the "X" was added to make a three letter acronym for the stock market. Chessie System Xpress Transportation CSX was formed out of the Chessie and Seaboard rairoads. I have heard many different versions. The 2 that I think have a shot of being true, the 1st being Chessie Seabord and the "X" meaning "Everything else". The other version was their original logo had ths C and S intertwined and it looked like an X. Ofcourse some more colorful explantions include: Chicken S**t Xpress Crash Smash Xplode Can Someone Xplain Can't Stand Xcellence The "x" in CSX is a multiplication symbol.Chessie Seaboard Multiplied Transportation.That is a fact.

Where did Chessie live?

Spring Hill, Tennessee

Is Chessie a weird name?

Yes, it is. Sorry, but I disagree.

What is Chessie's favorite food?

Her favorite food is pizza.