What does chula mean in spanish?

Updated: 4/26/2024
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"Chula" means "pretty", "beautiful".

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"Chula" in Spanish can mean "cute" or "pretty" when referring to a woman. It is often used as a term of endearment or to compliment someone's appearance.

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Q: What does chula mean in spanish?
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What does tu you ase falta mi Irish chula mean in spanish?

'Tu me haces falta, mi chula irlandesa' = I miss you, my Irish rogue/knave/clown.

What does que paso chula mean?

"Que paso chula" is Spanish for "What's up, beautiful." It is a casual and informal way to greet someone you find attractive.

What does the spanish word Chula mean?

it means "you cutie"

How do you say in spanish What is the matter cutie?

que pasa, chula

From what language does the term 'la chula' originate?

The term 'la chula' originated from Spanish in Mexico. It means 'the cool' in Spanish, but is not often used. It is sometimes used as a title for someone or something.

What is a Spanish name that means cute one?

it is Chera; another, literal translation in Latin American spanish would be Chulita or Chula. There's a famous philanthropist in Austin, Texas named Chula..she's a good person to emulate!

What does te amo chula mean?

I love you beautiful.

What does the phrase me quiries mi chula mean in English?

Me quieres mi Chula means: Do you love me, my "pretty girl"?. Chula is use in Mexico and a few other Latin countries for beautiful woman.

What does que chula estas mean in english?

"Que chula estรกs" can be translated to "you look so pretty" or "you are so cute" in English.

What Does Chula Vista Mean in English?

It could mean "Great/Cool sight" In the case of the City of Chula Vista (CA), it means "beautiful view". "Chula" is a rather archaic term with the same meaning as "linda" or even "buena". So the towns of "Linda Vista", "Chula Vista", and "Buena Vista" could be said to have pretty much the same name.

What does yo nomas digo lo que siento mami chula mean?

"Yo nomas digo lo que siento mami chula" is a phrase in Spanish that translates to "I just say what I feel, pretty mommy." It is an expression used to express honesty or sincerity in expressing one's feelings to someone. The term "mami chula" is a term of endearment that can be translated as "pretty mommy" or "sexy mama."

What does tu ta siendo chula mean in English?

What Are You Doing Cutie