What does clouds protect us from?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Clouds are not a form of protection. They dim the sunlight we receive but do not filter UV radiation. They can and do reduce light and infra red radiation reaching the surface of the earth

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Q: What does clouds protect us from?
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How do clouds protect the earth from the UV rays?

Clouds do not protect. The ozone layer protects us.

How does clouds helps protect your earth?

Clouds help protect us. They also cause weather changes.

How do clouds help protect your planet?

the clouds block the other planets from bumping each other

Is ozone the only gas in the atmosphere that shields the earth from the sun's UV rays?

Oxygen and nitrogen protect us from UV-C and more energetic radiation. Ozone is the only gas of sufficient quantity that is in our atmosphere that protects us from UV-B. Clouds also protect us from a portion of the ultra violet that is incoming from the sun. Venus' surface is well protected from UV by the dense clouds of sulfuric acid, but we could not live there.

What signals do clouds give us?

Clouds can tell us many things like the ones below. 1. Clouds tell us if any kind of precipitation is coming. 2. Clouds tell us if a cold front is coming through. 3. Clouds tell us when there is evaporation taking place. 4. Clouds are interesting to look at. Even on a sunny and bright day. Please feel free to improve my answer everyone.

What two factors protect earth from the energy of the sun?

Ionosphere Atmosphere Clouds

How are dark clouds different from white clouds?

dark clouds gives heavy rain while white clouds gives us fine weather

How can thick clouds keep us warmer at night?

Thick clouds keep us warmer at night. This happens because clouds stop some of the heat from earth escaping into the atmosphere.

Why are clouds like they are?

they are like they are because clouds can show us what is going to happen in the weather

Does snow come from clouds?

Yes it does as it is rain held in clouds before it reaches us.

Why is the clouds important?

Clouds sometimes bring the rains, to grow crops, for us to eat.

How does the marines protect us?

the marines protect us from the air