What does cocaine do to you?

Regular Cocaine hydrochloride, also known as powder Cocaine is a fine, white powder of crystalline consistency. It is a short acting stimulants which can be snorted or injected and causes euphoria, stimulation, it suppresses appetite and sleep, increases heart rate, constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure and when take in too high a dose it can cause convulsions, cardiac arrest and death.

Crack Cocaine and Cocaine base are the smokable versions made from powder Cocaine, they are usually encountered as small, hard, oily rocks and are off white to yellow. Because it is the freebase version of Cocaine it can be smoked due to it's lower boiling point compared to powder Cocaine. When smoked, much larger amounts of Cocaine can reach the brain much quicker compared to when its snorted, causing a much stronger high which also lasts much shorter which is why it's so addictive. For the same reasons that Crack and base Cocaine are much stronger, they are also much more toxic and even moderately occasional use can cause long lasting negative effects.